The 2 Best Countertop Wine Coolers As Of September, 2021 (And 28 Other Models)

This list presenting the latest countertop wine coolers includes only wine coolers that satisfy these specs:

  • Many wine fridges define themselves as countertop models, but we had to draw the line somewhere and we made sure the models shown here are at least no taller than 16 inches (so they can fit nicely under your kitchen cabinets!)
  • A capacity of 12 bottles or less is also a criteria, though we may have let go some exceptions if the format was countertop-enough
  • And, of course, a mention by the manufacturer that it can be used as a countertop wine cooler always helps, but is definitely not the only factor we look at.

The List:

Despite a lower sample of reviews, taking into account its aggregate rank of 90%, we conclude that the Koolatron WC06 is currently Alphachooser's best countertop wine cooler 2021. Alphachooser also concludes that our sample of 1296 reviews across multiple sources gives us a high confidence level (more on confidence levels) that prompts us to name it a "no-brainer best choice."

Koolatron WC06

    9Out Of 10
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    With its 8 stars computed from 266 reviews, we rank this NutriChef model second best countertop wine cooler. * This choice (and the following members of this best countertop wine cooler models list), is based on a full analysis of hundreds of countertop wine cooler reviews from multiple sources.

    Nutrichef PKTEWC806

      8.2Out Of 10

      More countertop wine coolers, sorted by the latest model first:

      Rated (rating temporarily unavailable) stars across a total of reviews, the AKDY WC0005 Wine Fridge stays true to its promise of accommodating eight bottles of wine, although note that these bottles have to be in the usual size for red wines. Also, according to many of these reviews, this countertop wine cooler is great for effectively cooling wine while minimizing the use of space -- pretty much saying that it does the job it's advertised to do in the first place.

      As it is designed to sit on countertops, design becomes especially important. Not to worry, as a great number of its buyers have also praised its looks for being sophisticated and modern-looking.

      Of course, not everyone is a hundred percent satisfied, as is the case for almost all consumer goods these days. We came across some complaints about this model taking relatively-longer to achieve the desired temperature. It's also apparently not the quietest wine cooler, but although it noticeably makes noise while running, reviewers say that it isn't overly-distracting.

      As expected, there were also reviewers saying that their respective units stopped working after a few months. More often than not, they attributed this misfortune to the AKDY WC0005's comparatively-affordable price tag. Note that these reviews are few compared to the number of positive feedback that the WC0005 has received, and many of them had units that broke under warranty, so they were eventually furnished with replacement units.

      This likely explains why, according to the 1618 reviews across all the countertop wine coolers in our database, the AKDY WC0005 may have earned quite a number of fans, but it doesn't seem to perform well enough for it to secure a place in our top 2 list.

      AKDY WC0005

        --Out Of 10
        According to the reviews that our system has automatically collected and scanned, the Wine Enthusiast Silent 2720213W countertop wine cooler is worth (rating temporarily unavailable) stars. We have browsed through a number of these reviews, and found out the features that it is loved -- as well as hated -- for.

        For one, many people who have bought this free-standing model have left remarks about its desirability in the noise department, as the 2720213W is apparently almost completely silent. The people who have been impressed by its ability to hold the set temperature very well also contributed much to its respectable rating. In addition, this wine fridge reportedly feels very well-made (at least on the outside). This is a welcome bonus to the attractive-looking exterior that many people have praised it for.

        The bulk of its not-so-favorable reviews have a lot to do with its interiors. According to some consumers, the racks in the 2720213W don't glide as gracefully as they expected, which gave them quite a flimsy feel. There have also been complaints about the shelves being too cramped to fit anything that deviates from the standard in terms of size and shape. Many people have resolved this by removing the bottom shelf. Some found this necessity acceptable and continued to still give it a high rating due to its performance in the above-mentioned fields, while others found that this extra step was inconvenient and annoying. Some of the feedback we have encountered have also said that it takes longer for this wine cooler to reach the desired temperature (at least, compared to what they were used to from their previous wine coolers), but once it does reach the set temp, it stays there -- like what we have reported above.


        Wine Enthusiast Silent 2720213W

          7.7Out Of 10

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