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AlphaChooser's Mission Statement

Our mission is simple and unique:

  • We want to take the hard work out of the process of shopping for products and services: no need to read lengthy reviews, no guesswork. We compile results from top reviewers, calculate averages and create "best of" lists for all sorts of product categories. Whenever pertinent, we also calculate special metrics called "AlphaMetrics," to help you better compare products.

  • We sincerely care for consumers, especially those with a tight budget who can't afford to make a bad choice when shopping for products or services.

  • We don't believe in lengthy reviews. Instead, we think that most consumers want to get straight to the point: Is that toaster, snow blower or air conditioner good or not? What are its pros and cons?

  • Our unique approach to consumer choice guidance also includes our discovery galleries, which let you look at product specs and pictures in a quick and easy way to learn about the most innovative or important features for each category. Look for discovery galleries at the bottom of most pages in most categories.


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