Detailed Pioneer WYS012GMFI19RL A/C Specs

Min. Noise
Max. Noise
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Main categorySplit air conditioner
Weight19lbs. (67 lbs for outdoor unit)
Weight lbs with package25 (72.75 lbs for outdoor unit)
Height (inches)11.69 (21.81 inches for outdoor unit)
Width x Height31.57-inch wide x 11.69 (21.81 inches for outdoor unit)-inch high (31.5 inches for outdoor unit)
Depth7.44 inches (13.11 inches for outdoor unit)
Width (mm)801.9
Height (mm)296.9
Depth (mm)189
Cooling systemDC inverter compressor with heat pump
Warranty2 years (2 years for parts, 5 years for compressor)

Energy Efficiency
ENERGY STAR annual cost? ($86/$265 AHRI estimated annual cost for cooling/heating)
Energy efficiency ratio (EER)11.3
Performance CertificationAHRI
Seasonal Energy efficiency ratio (SEER)19.5
Coefficient of Performance (CoP)3.43
Heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF)10 (10 for HSPF4, 8 for HSPF5)
Refrigerant charge (oz)30 (with up to 25 feet pre-charge and 0.16-oz additional charge per foot)
Security featuresRefrigerant Leakage Detect
Dehumidifier Specs
Dehumidifaction (Pints)60 pints per day / 0.1 per hour
Dehumidifaction (L)28.39 L per day / 1.2 per hour
Dehumidification (L/Hour)1.2
Dehumidification (oz/Day)960.00
Dehumidification (oz/Hour)40.58
Dehumidification (Pints/Hour)0.1
Lowest operation temperature (F)62 °F (32F for heating -- 5F for outdoor cooling/heating)
Lowest operation temperature (C)90 °C (86F for heating -- 122/86F for outdoor cooling/heating)
Highest operation temperature (F)17 °F (0C for heating, -15C for outdoor cooling/heating)
Highest operation temperature (C)30 °C (32C for heating -- 50/30F for outdoor cooling/heating)
Cool BTU rating12000 BTU (They mention a cooling capacity range of 3700 to 13000 BTU)
Compressor featuresVariable speeds, KSK103D33UEZ3 model (GMCC), 3100 BTU/h capacity, 790W input, 6A rated current (RLA)
Heat BTU rating12000 (They mention a heating capacity range of 3500 to 13500 BTU)
Compressor typeRotary
Maximum temperature (C)30
Minimum temperature (C)17
Estimated cool area350 Square feet. (350 to 450 sq. ft.)
Minimum temperature62 °F (17°C)
Maximum temperature86 °F (30°C)
Air flow323.5CFM (9.16 cubic metre/min.) (323.5 CFM on High, 282 CFM on Med, 212 CFM on Low -- 1176 CFM outdoor air flow)
Amps4.5 (4.3A for heating)
Voltage230 (208 to 230V, 60Hz, 1Ph)
Watts1065 W (They also mention a range of 390 to 1523W -- 1025W for heating (391 to 1510W))
Max. motor RPM1100 RPM (1100 RPM on High, 900 RPM on Med, 750 RPM on Low -- 800 RPM for outdoor unit)
Min. motor RPM750 RPM (650 RPM for outdoor unit)
Min. noise level24dBA
Max. noise level38dBA (38dBA on High, 32dBA on Med, 24dBA on Low)
Max. noise level (outdoors)55dBA
Remote control (with LCD readout and Follow Me thermostat sensor)
Other Specs & Features
CertificationsETL, ISO 14001, ISO 9001-2008, California Prop 65
Optional AccessoriesWires controller
Release year2019
Special Included AccessoriesInstallation kit (10, 16, 25, 33, and 50-ft options are offered), Flare connection leak guard sealer
Available colorsWhite
Display TypeBody-integrated White LED
Manufacture product IDWYS012GMFI19RL-16 (WS012GMFI19HLD for indoor unit, YN012GMFI19RPD for outdoor unit)


Also known as: Pioneer 12000 BTU Ductless Air Conditioner with Heat Pump, Pioneer 12000 BTU Mini-Split AC with Heat.

General Pioneer WYS012GMFI19RL Information

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