Best Bluetooth Headsets 2017

Choosing a headset is complex. Should you favor a low weight or noise cancellation performance? Alphachooser splits Bluetooth headsets in all the right categories for you to choose from.

As of January 2017, the best bluetooth headset 2017 is the Beats Solo 3, while the second best model is the Plantronics Voyager 5200. Here is the full top 10 list, then special categories and a full list of bluetooth headset brands and models.

Best Model 2017
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Beats Solo 3

Beats Solo 3

Avg. rating: (94%) (195 reviews)
talk time
of weight
Bluetooth Version
Second Best
Plantronics Voyager 5200

Plantronics Voyager 5200

Avg. rating: (89%) (682 reviews over 3 sources)
talk time
of weight
Also Good
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Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra Elite Sport

Avg. rating: (90%) (49 reviews)
talk time
of weight
Bluetooth Version
Also Good
Skullcandy Grind Wireless

Skullcandy Grind Wireless

Avg. rating: (92%) (96 reviews over 3 sources)
talk time
of weight
Bluetooth Version
Also Good
JBL Reflect Mini-BT

JBL Reflect Mini-BT

Avg. rating: (80%) (768 reviews over 5 sources)
talk time
Bluetooth Version
Also Good
LG Tone Platinum

LG Tone Platinum

Avg. rating: (86%) (325 reviews)
talk time
of weight
Bluetooth Version
Also Good
LG Tone Infinim HBS-910

LG Tone Infinim HBS-910

Avg. rating: (82%) (1046 reviews over 2 sources)
talk time
of weight
Bluetooth Version
Also Good
Vomach Bluetooth Earphones

Vomach Bluetooth Earphones

Avg. rating: (84%) (130 reviews)
talk time
of weight
Bluetooth Version
Also Good
Blayz Voice HD 200

Blayz Voice HD 200

Avg. rating: (86%) (602 reviews)
talk time
of weight
Bluetooth Version
Also Good
Bose SoundLink 2

Bose SoundLink 2

Avg. rating: (87%) (1484 reviews over 8 sources)
talk time
of weight

Best Bluetooth Headsets For Specific Categories

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds 2017

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Best Sweat-proof Bluetooth Headsets For Sports 2017

check out the latest sweat-proof bluetooth headsets for sports. Full list

Best Around-the-neck Bluetooth Headsets

check out the latest around-the-neck bluetooth headsets . Full list

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headsets

Array of intercom range, connectivity limit, resistance to wind speed, and additional features -- some motorcycle headsets reach as far as 800 meters and others can support 4-way intercom or more. We have them listed in our latest January 2017 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headsets page. Full list

NFC Bluetooth Headsets

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Light Headsets

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Noise-cancelling Bluetooth Headsets

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Stereo Headsets

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List of all bluetooth headset brands and their latest models 2017:

Jabra (31)
The Jabra Elite Sport

Check out Jabra's present line of Bluetooth headsets and see if they are indeed deserving of all the industry awards they received.

Plantronics (23)
The Plantronics Voyager 5200

Check out Plantronics' current line of Bluetooth headsets, a selection that includes both basic and advanced models.

Motorola (19)
The Motorola VerveOnes Plus

Motorola does not only make cell phones. Check out their current selection of Bluetooth headsets and see what innovations they brought to the category.

Samsung (19)
The Samsung Gear IconX

Check out the latest selection of Bluetooth headsets from leading mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung.

iLive (11)
The iLive Platinum IAHP46

iLive Platinum IAHP46 : What this Bluetooth headset lacks in specs, it makes up for in terms of aesthetics (or at least it tries to) -- as its "retro-inspired" stylish design accompanies a rather disappointing 5-hour working time and a 3.5mm audio jack, which appears to be its sole special feature.

Sony (10)
The Sony MDR 100ABN

Sony MDR 100ABN : The 100ABN Bluetooth headset builds its music-oriented portfolio through features like aptX and high-res audio support, Beat response control technology for "low-end focused music styles", AI which automatically selects the level of noise cancellation based on ambient noise, and 20 hours of music playback which, to no surprise, requires a relatively-longer charging time of six hours.

Sena (9)
The Sena 10C

Sena 10C : Coming with a built-in action cam capable of full HD video at 30fps, this Bluetooth 4.1 bike headset also has a talk time of 17 hours, which is above average.

JBL (9)
The JBL Reflect Mini-BT

JBL Reflect Mini-BT : This Bluetooth headset aims itself toward athletes and sports enthusiasts with an IPX4 sweat-proof rating, reflective cables, and an 8-hour wireless music time.

LG (9)
The LG Tone Active Plus

LG Tone Active Plus : The Active plus Bluetooth headset, like the original LG Tone Active, is equipped with Advanced quad-layer speaker technology and is sweat and water-resistant (although the former sports an IPX4 rating instead of IPX5), but unlike its predecessor, its relatively-beefed-up feature set includes external stereo speakers, fitness monitoring through the LG Health and LG Tone applications, and Bluetooth 4.2 instead of 4.1

Nokia (8)
The Nokia Purity Pro

You knew Nokia manufactured phones... lots of phones. But did you know they also made Bluetooth headsets? Check out their latest models.

Sennheiser (8)
The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless : A headset with NoiseGard (noise cancelling) and the aptX codec, the Sennheiser Momentum wireless offers what the manufacturer describes as crystal-clear sound, 22 hours of unplugged usage, and a detachable 3.5 mm audio cable.

VXi (8)
The VXi BlueParrott Reveal

VXi BlueParrott Reveal : This NFC-enabled mono headset has a typical 7-hour talk time and a noise supression of 83 to 91% of ambient noise, which is a tad less than what other VXi models can achieve.

Avantree (7)
The Avantree 5GS

Avantree 5GS : This mono headset connects with Bluetooth 4.1, a version used in a few headsets, can store up to eight devices with Multipoint, has an on-phone battery indicator for iPhones, and an in-car holder.

Jam (7)
The Jam Transit Micro

Jam Transit Micro : This sweat-resistant (IPX4) sports Bluetooth headset (delivered in a BPA-free water bottle) claims a special twist on safety with its reflective cables and muting of the left earpiece to hear ambient noise.

Mpow (7)
The Mpow Antelope

Mpow Antelope : The Mpow Antelope is primarily marketed as a sports Bluetooth headset on the basis of its being designed to stay in place and resist sweat, but its specs also have CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, 240 hours of stand-by, and an 8-hour talk time -- all of which are pretty standard in its category

TaoTronics (7)
The TaoTronics TT-BH12

TaoTronics TT-BH12 : We expect the TT-BH12 to perform much like every other sweatproof Bluetooth headset that has an aptX audio codec and CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, as even its 8-hour listening time and 8-hour talk time are completely-average specs.

BlueAnt (6)
The BlueAnt Pump Lite

BlueAnt Pump Lite : Topping this sports Bluetooth headset's specs list is an IP54 sweat-proof rating, a 24mm-narrow, 40mm-short body (one of the smallest of its type), and up to 4.5 hours of wireless streaming.

JayBird (5)
The JayBird X2

JayBird makes Bluetooth headsets for athletes. Find out what special sports-oriented features they have in our lineup of their latest sweat-proof and easy-fit models.

SoundPEATS (5)
The SoundPEATS Q16

SoundPEATS Q16 : The Q16 is SoundPEATS' version of a noise-cancelling cord-free Bluetooth headset and, while it doesn't come with a wireless charging case like what you would expect from such a device, its battery specs, at 190mAh of power and six hours of usage time, are better than the competition

Otium (4)
The Otium Wireless S02

Otium Wireless S02 : The Otium S02 is an aptX Bluetooth headset that can withstand sweat and moisture and eliminate noise (although we could not find the exact technology for this), but its battery-related specs fail to satisfy with a 5-hour working duration and a 155-hour stand-by.

Phaiser (4)
The Phaiser BHS-750

Phaiser BHS-750 : Like the Phaiser BHS-730, this Bluetooth headset is protected from sweat through its Liquipel nano coating, but it has additional specs under its belt -- namely, ear tips that are made from Comply T-400 M memory foam (which apparently helps reduce background noise) and a "tougher" aviation-grade alloy made up of aluminum and magnesium on its body.

Sony Ericsson (3)
The Sony Ericsson HBH-PV740

Check out the selection of Sony Bluetooth headsets and see if the ones from the electronics giant stand out from the crowd.

Life N Soul (3)
The Life N Soul IE350

Life N Soul IE350 : Designed for comfort and sporty activities, this stereo headset is built with a small frame, sweatproof coating, 4.5 hours of music streaming, and an hour's charge time.

JLab (3)
The JLab Epic

JLab Epic : With the ability to play music for up to ten hours and elaborate ear-fit system, this workout headset also is sweat-proof with an IP-rating (IPX4) to back it up.

Craig Electronics (3)

Craig CBH509 : A rather low-key Bluetooth headset, the CBH509 features a low standby time (60 hours) and a music time of just 3.5 hours.

Inland (3)
The Inland 87083 Foldable

Inland 87083 Foldable : With above-average specs, such as a 10-hour music time and a 100-meter Bluetooth range (for class 1 devices), this over-the-head Bluetooth headset still falls behind somehow, connecting with an older Bluetooth version (2.1).

Denon (3)
The Denon Globe Cruiser AH-GC20

Denon Globe Cruiser AH-GC20 : Having Clear Voice Capture (CVC) and a contemporary European look, this headset can play music for 20 hours and can extend listening time with a 3.5mm audio cable (included).

Jarv (3)
The Jarv Pure Fit

Jarv Pure Fit : Joining the bandwagon of magnetic-tipped headsets, this self-claimed sweat-proof model comes with a 0.71 oz build and 10mm drivers, which Jarv claims to deliver a dynamic HD sound.

Bose (3)
The Bose SoundLink 2

Bose SoundLink 2 : Heading this Bluetooth headset's specs list are a 15-hour playback time, a fast-charge feature (15 minutes of charging for two hours of playback), and the Bose Connect feature, which apparently aids in establishing connections.

Aftershokz (3)
The AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium : This sports Bluetooth headset (v4.1) adds a 2-year warranty to its features list, which is topped by an IP55 water- and dust-proof rating and bone conduction speakers.

Coulax (3)
The Coulax CX06

Coulax CX06 : The Coulax CX06 doesn't shine in terms of its battery specs, as its 7-hour talk time and 110-hour stand-by both do not measure up against most other models, but it does still come with staples like noise cancellation, IPX4 sweat protection, and aptX, which means that users may still enjoy this Bluetooth headset if they aren't too fussy about longevity.

Jawbone (2)
The Jawbone Era

Jawbone Era : High-end noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset with motion controls.

Kinivo (2)
The Kinivo BTH240

Kinivo BTH240 : The BTH240 Bluetooth headset upgrades the 220's battery specs -- now sporting 10 hours of usage time and 200 hours of stand-by (as opposed to the latter's eight and 150 hours, respectively) -- but has the same rather-obsolete Bluetooth version (2.1).

UClear (2)
The UClear HBC200

UClear HBC200 : A helmet communicator that also works as a relay station, allowing 10 or more riders to stay connected.

Beats by Dr Dre (2)
The Beats Solo 2

Beats Solo 2 : This stereo headset has 12 hours of music streaming without the wire, one of the longest builds we have seen (198mm), and a crisp, balanced sound (as claimed by the manufacturers).

The Sneer HBS801

Sneer HBS801 : Bluetooth 3.0 headset made for the sporty, having Sneer claim to an excellent stereo sound, and a 3.5 hour limit on music streaming.

Bluettek (2)
The Bluettek HM900

Bluettek HM900 : This Bluetooth headset from Bluettek is, to put it bluntly, quite unimpressive as its usage time (120 hours of stand-by and a maximum of 8 hours of working time), Bluetooth technology, and working range are all average at best.

Monster (2)
The Monster iSport SuperSlim

Monster iSport SuperSlim : This self-claimed ultra-lightweight (although no dimensions were given) headset catered to athletic people has a 5-hour music time, a Bluetooth range of 30 feet, and a sweat-proof coating they claim contributes to keeping the earset in place.

Sol Republic (2)
The Sol Republic Shadow Wireless

Sol Republic Shadow Wireless : This average Bluetooth (v4.0) headset plays music for up to eight hours, offers multipoint (connection with two devices simultaneously), and claims to be water-proof, but does not seem to back the claim with any rugged rating.

Phiaton (2)
The Phiaton BT 330 NC

Phiaton BT 330 NC : This Bluetooth headset takes pride in its active noise cancellation feature (through CVC 6.0), "high-quality" 40mm drivers, aptX, and the included Everplay-x audio cable, which may possibly not see a lot of use as the headset packs 14 hours of working time with a single charge.

Parrot (2)
The Parrot Zik 3

Parrot Zik 3 : This Bluetooth headset comes with a Qi wireless charger and is equipped with adaptive noise cancellation, a proximity sensor, the Parrot Zik app, and a below-average 6-hour working time which can be extended to up to 18 hours by using the included audio cable and switching to Airplane mode.

Aukey (2)

AUKEY EP-B34 : The EP-B34 cancels noise, works for the standard eight hours, and is called a "fitness" Bluetooth headset by AUKEY, although the only major sports-related features on its specs list are sweat-protection and a fit that's designed to be secure.

GoNovate (2)
The GoNovate G10

GoNovate G10 : A sequel to the G9, the GoNovate G10 Bluetooth headset upgrades the former's 3-hour working time to a minimum of five hours (and at only half of the previous 2-hour charging time), but keeps both its lightweight profile and, unfortunately, the lack of any dedicated specs for noise cancellation and/or sound enhancement.

Anker (2)
The Anker SoundBuds Sport NB10

Anker SoundBuds Sport NB10 : The NB10 keeps a mostly below-average stance when it comes to battery specs -- with only six hours of working time under its belt -- but presents itself as a fitness-friendly Bluetooth headset by virtue of its being IPX5-rated and fitted with CVC 6.0 noise reduction and a FitClip band.

Beats (2)
The Beats Solo 3

Beats Solo 3 : This Class 1 Bluetooth headset, which sports an Apple W1 chip under the hood, justifies its hefty $300 dollar price tag through its loaded feature set which includes 40 hours of battery life, dual beam-forming microphones, noise isolation, and Fast Fuel, which gives three hours of use from a 5-minute charge.

Senso (2)
The Senso ActivBuds S-230

Senso ActivBuds S-230 : The S-230 Bluetooth headset cancels external noise through CVC 6.0 technology, is IPX4-rated against sweat-related damage, and, at an average working time of eight hours, has enough battery power to remain in the game when placed head-to-head with competing models.

The Aelec Flexbuds

Aelec Flexbuds : The Aelec Flexbuds Bluetooth headset boasts a flexible silicone neckband and memory foam ear tips (perhaps to attract those who would like an extra-comfortable wear) to bolster its collection of familiar specs like CVC 6.0 noise cancellation and sweat protection -- more so because its usage and stand-by times both suffer short spans at 4-6 and 160 hours, respectively.

Axgio (2)
The AXGIO Dash

AXGIO Dash : AXGIO forays into the cord-free trend through the noise-isolating Dash Bluetooth headset, which sports an IPX4 rating for being sweat-proof and whose 100mAh battery can squeeze out decent longevity specs like an 8-hour talk and playback time from two hours of charging.

The FKANT Gemini

FKANT Gemini : The noise-cancelling FKANT Gemini lacks the usual features that other cord-free Bluetooth headsets possess (most especially wireless charging), but it does have better battery specs like a longer 4-hour talk time and, similarly, a better stand-by duration of 125 hours.

iFrogz (2)
The iFrogz Impulse

iFrogz Impulse : The specs list of the iFrogz Impulse Bluetooth headset is a mix of good and bad, with an unimpressive 5-hour working time, but an IPX2 rating for sweat protection, noise-isolating ear tips, and an audio-enhancing technology called Reflective Acoustics in its chambers.

Zinat (2)
The Zinat MagicBuds

Zinat MagicBuds : This Bluetooth headset, whose magic name presumably refers to its stay-in-hear hook system, has a balanced mix of good and bad specs -- on one side, its stand-by and talk-time both fall behind at 150 and seven hours, respectively, but it comes with features like the noise-eliminating CVC 6.0 technology, an aptX codec, and an IPX7 rating against sweat.

Rocketfish (1 bluetooth headset: Rocketfish Mobile QX4)
The Rocketfish Mobile QX4

Simple Bluetooth headset that offers up to 7 hours of talk time and reportedly better audio clarity -- Full specs

Genius (One unit: Genius HS-980BT)
The Genius HS-980BT

Music headphones that can also be used for telephony (The microphone is built into one of the earpieces). -- Full specs

Eco (One model: eco v268)
The eco v268

Simple to use, lightweight headset that comes with a maximum of 5 hours of talk time and a LED performance/status indicator. -- Full specs

Bluearmor (One unit: BlueARMOR 100)
The BlueARMOR 100

A secure headset that provides encrypted conversations and protects against Bluetooth hacks and eavesdropping. -- Full specs

NoiseHush (One model: NoiseHush N700m-11867)
The NoiseHush N700m-11867

Over-the-head Bluetooth headset with noise cancelling swivel microphone and car charger. -- Full specs

Delton (One unit: Delton 10X)
The Delton 10X

This Bluetooth headset, which actually blocks out four times the external noise (and not 10 times as what its name might confusingly suggest), has enough battery power to work for 13 hours and stand by for 220 hours on a single charge. -- Full specs

Jumbl (One model: Jumbl BH21)
The Jumbl BH21

The Jumbl BH21's battery power claims make it clear that it's a Bluetooth headset made for truckers, with 21 hours of talk time, 400 hours of stand-by, DSP noise cancellation, and an included DC adapter for charging inside vehicles. -- Full specs

Philips (One unit: Philips SHB7000)
The Philips SHB7000

This ultra-comfy headset has 40mm neodymium drivers (for excellent treble and deep bass, as Philips claims) and not only can be used wirelessly for nine hours, but also with a 3.5mm audio cable. -- Full specs

KEEDOX (One unit: KEEDOX 500M GPS Interphone)
The KEEDOX 500M GPS Interphone

This waterproof Bluetooth headset offers two-way intercom up to 500 meters claimed to withstand 120km/hr and a GPS transmission function. -- Full specs

Nextrox (One unit: Nextrox Multipoint Bluetooth Helmet Headset)
The Nextrox Multipoint Bluetooth Helmet Headset

This entry-level Bluetooth helmet headset yields a 150m two-way intercom (up to 90km/hr), seven hours of battery time and GPS transmission. -- Full specs

Keisound (One model: Keisound 800M GPS Motorcycle Intercom)
The Keisound 800M GPS Motorcycle Intercom

Boasting a 800m two-way intercom up to 120km/hr, this helmet Bluetooth headset also provides seven hours of talk time and a GPS voice navigation transmission. -- Full specs

Tenergy (1 bluetooth headset: Tenergy Beanies with Basic Knit)
The Tenergy Beanies with Basic Knit

A beanie headset available in a variety of colors (including pink and blue), coming with a 6-hour play time, and washable (after removing the earbuds). -- Full specs

Yurbuds (One unit: Yurbuds Liberty Wireless)
The Yurbuds Liberty Wireless

Six hours of music time, an on-screen battery life indicator, and TwistLock technology are features that come with this self-claimed sweatproof sports headset -- Full specs

Blackloud (One model: Blackloud Soundot)
The Blackloud Soundot

This sweat-proof sports headset, as claimed by the manufacturers, has 5.5 hours of music streaming and magnets to keep it around your neck. -- Full specs

Bluedio (One unit: Bluedio T2S Turbine)
The Bluedio T2S Turbine

A Bluetooth headset from Bluedio's Turbine series pushing audio through two folding 16-Ohm speakers, fully charging its batteries in just two hours, lasting two months on standby, and generating a longer-than-average 40-hour music playback time. -- Full specs

Beyution (One unit: Beyution BT513)
The Beyution BT513

While its talk time stands at the standard value of 8 hours, the Beyution BT513 stereo Bluetooth headset is packed with audio-centric features like a 3.5 mm aux plug, a 40 mm Neodymium driver which is meant to deliver full-range audio, and passive 15dB noise reduction. -- Full specs

Tzumi (One unit: Tzumi Stereo Wireless)
The Tzumi Stereo Wireless

Coming with an AUX cable for corded usage and a 250mAh battery, this Bluetooth 4.1 headset allows up to 10 hours of talk time, an 8-hour music time, and a standby time of 250 hours per full charge. -- Full specs

Ox Acoustics (One unit: Ox Fit Acoustics Elevate)
The Ox Fit Acoustics Elevate

This sports headset combines special patented earpieces supposed to stay in the ear despite not featuring a hook and a set of usual features: aptX, noise cancellation, and eight hours of usage time. -- Full specs

Forestfish (One unit: Forestfish Sunglasses E1302-03)
The Forestfish Sunglasses E1302-03

A Bluetooth headset integrated in a pair of sunglasses, boasting removable earbuds, capacitive touch controls, a carrying case, but apparently supplying an average 8-hour music playback and 128-hour stand-by time. -- Full specs

Syllable (One unit: Syllable D900S)
The Syllable D900S

Syllable's 2nd-generation D900 Bluetooth headset, showcasing a pair of stereo earbuds with no connecting-wires, supplying a short 4-hour music playback/talk time and 90-hour standby time, but compensating through its portable charging case. -- Full specs

Bastex Wireless (One unit: Bastex Wireless B84B)
The Bastex Wireless B84B

This Bastex Bluetooth headset, which comes with specs like aptX, a 10-hour talk time, and 300 hours of stand-by, takes the around-the-neck wearing style up a notch by having its earbuds fitted with magnets for attaching to the neckband when not in use. -- Full specs

QCY (One model: QCY QY8)

This sweat-proof Bluetooth headset, with a clear inclination towards sports, has an average set of specs, including a 10 meter Bluetooth range, a 7-day standby time and Bluetooth 4.1. -- Full specs

Commeex (One unit: Commeex Earphones)
The Commeex Earphones

A -6dBm to 4dBm speaker sensitivity and an 8- to 10-hour music streaming time are two highlights of this Bluetooth headset's rather average set of specs. -- Full specs

FRiEQ (1 bluetooth headset: FRiEQ BTA03)

This Bluetooth headset for truckers, which is designed for noisy environments as it claims to cancel background sounds and wind noise, features some above-average longevity that can be seen in its 30-hour talk time and 600 hours of stand-by. -- Full specs

EGRD (One unit: EGRD X7)

This Bluetooth headset, whose specs of 100 hours of stand-by and four hours of talk time clearly aren't the best in the field, sports CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology and, although it is sweatproof, is not recommended for use during strenuous activities -- Full specs

Sunvito (One model: Sunvito Mini Stereo Wireless)
The Sunvito Mini Stereo Wireless

Usability features like a 180-degree rotating ear hook and a comfort-enhancing silicone rubber covering take the spotlight in this Bluetooth headset -- as its longevity specs, such as the 120-hour stand-by time and 6-to-8-hour talking time, are more on the poor-to-mediocre side. -- Full specs

Andoer (One unit: Andoer LH-811)
The Andoer LH-811

This Bluetooth headset boasts four playing modes -- namely, wireless, wired, FM radio, and microSD-driven MP3 -- on top of noise isolation (courtesy of its ear cushions) and, while its 120-hour stand-by and 8-hour talk time are average specs at best, it plays music for a relatively-longer 10 hours. -- Full specs

Cardo (One model: Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK)
The Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK

Cardo's rider-friendly Bluetooth headset with a built-in FM radio tuner, allowing up to 15 simultaneous users on its DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) network, and staying connected through its 1.6-kilometer intercom range. -- Full specs

VicTsing (One unit: VicTsing Mini PA97B)
The VicTsing Mini PA97B

The VicTsing Mini PA97B Bluetooth headset heavily relies on its being compact and cord-free to define its personality, as it does not really stand out in terms of the other features on its specs list, which include noise cancellation (not an unusual feature) and a below-average 5-hour talk time. -- Full specs

Airmate (One model: Airmate Ultra Mini)
The Airmate Ultra Mini

For the same battery charging time of two hours, the Axgio Mini Pro Bluetooth headset's longevity is strikingly sub-par, with its four-hour talk time that's only half of the category average and both its 90-hour stand-by and 3.5-hour playback time falling even less than half of the average values. -- Full specs

Cisno (One unit: Cisno BH-M20)
The Cisno BH-M20

The Cisno BH-M20 Bluetooth headset is designed for truckers as evidenced by its DPS noise cancellation feature, its claim of blocking four times external noises, and 12-hour talk time, but its 250-hour stand-by time and 30-foot Bluetooth range are both pretty standard. -- Full specs

MOSCHE (One unit: MOSCHE NOA L-001)

The NOA L-001 Bluetooth headset boasts specs such as Smart Voice, which is a feature designed to enhance call quality, CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, 288 hours of stand-by, and a 10-hour talk time, which sits comfortably above the 8-hour category average. -- Full specs

LEXIN (One unit: LEXIN R6)

Lexin's weatherproof Bluetooth headset aimed for motorcycle aficionados which uses a 6-way intercom system with a range of 1000 meters, and works continuously up to eight hours on a full charge, but only offers a below-average stand-by time of roughly 6 days. -- Full specs

Koramzi (One model: Koramzi HD-3XBT)
The Koramzi HD-3XBT

The Koramzi HD-3XBT is a sweat-proof Bluetooth headset which cancels noise (although the Amazon specs list does not state a particular noise-cancellation technology) and is positioned at the lower end of the longevity spectrum with a 150-hour stand-by and 6-hour working time. -- Full specs

mixcder (One unit: Mixcder ShareMe 7)
The Mixcder ShareMe 7

The ShareMe 7 Bluetooth headset highlights its ShareMe feature, which may be attractive for people who like sharing audio, to bolster its rather plain specs list that chooses to focus on a lengthy working time of 18-20 hours and a noise-cancelling microphone, instead of other more complicated features. -- Full specs

Sonetics (One unit: Sonetics APX375)
The Sonetics APX375

Sonetics made it clear that the IP66-rated APX375 Bluetooth headset belongs in the construction site, with features like Stereo Listen-Through (automatic loud-noise suppression), a noise dosimeter (for hearing protection), a 44-hour battery, and an accessory which allows you to also wear it behind the head or on a hard hat. -- Full specs

Hussar (One unit: Hussar Magicbuds)
The Hussar Magicbuds

Aside from a rather stylish design, this Bluetooth 4.1-enabled and IPX4-rated gadget only offers an average music playback time of 7 hours and CVC 6.0 noise cancellation at best, comprising a typical spec set for any sports headset out there. -- Full specs

Rowkin (One model: Rowkin Mini)
The Rowkin Mini

The Rowkin Mini infiltrates the niche market by being one of the few earpiece-type Bluetooth headsets offering wireless charging capability via a portable charging case as its key spec, among other things, such as a 24-K gold-plated model and a music playback or talk time of 6 hours. -- Full specs

Totu (One unit: Totu Bluetooth Headset)
The Totu Bluetooth Headset

This basic sports Bluetooth 4.0 headset attempts to seduce you by offering a lifetime warranty and an English-to-Chinese (and vice versa) language switch function, both of which stand out from its other mediocre specs such as talk and music playback times of five hours. -- Full specs

G-Cord (One model: G-Cord HDPH-H030)
The G-Cord HDPH-H030

This G-cord Bluetooth headset doesn't really have a lot to brag about, as it sports only echo and noise cancellation and a fully-rotating ear hook to add to its 120-hour stand-by time and 4-hour talk time, both of which are roughly half the average. -- Full specs

Ansion (One unit: Ansion K6)
The Ansion K6

One of the thinnest in the Bluetooth headset category, the Ansion K6 offers up to six hours of wireless playback and Clear Voice Capture 6.0, which equips its audio with noise suppression and echo cancellation. -- Full specs

Arkey (One model: Arkey Wireless HD)
The Arkey Wireless HD

The Arkey Wireless Bluetooth headset's boom arm and microphone. which respectively rotate by 180 and 200 degrees, are perhaps the only features that stand out in its specs list, which consists of standard values like 2-device multipoint and eight hours of talk time. -- Full specs

Sound Intone (One unit: Sound Intone P6)
The Sound Intone P6

The P6 Bluetooth headset comes equipped with specs like a TF card slot and a 3.5mm audio jack for non-Bluetooth listening, which is not surprising considering how power-inefficient it appears to be -- lasting for only 30 hours on stand-by despite having a moderately-respectable 300mAh battery (which Sound Intone claims is explosion-proof). -- Full specs

Blayz (One model: Blayz Voice HD 200)
The Blayz Voice HD 200

With facets like an 8-hour playback time, a CVC 6.0 noise-cancelling function, a 4.1-version Bluetooth, a typical sweat-proof rugged rating (IPX-7) and a charging time of two hours, the Voice HD 200 does not seem to appear out of the ordinary, compared to other sports headset of its caliber. -- Full specs

RevJams (One unit: RevJams Active PRO)
The RevJams Active PRO

With the relatively-shorter 6-hour playback time, the RevJams Active PRO Bluetooth headset counts on its IPX rating (for being sweat-proof and water-resistant) and earbud design to be its main selling points. -- Full specs

pashion (One unit: Pashion PA0023)
The Pashion PA0023

This truckers' Bluetooth headset comes equipped with noise cancellation (which Pashion claims is of superior quality), a single boom mic, and pretty-standard talk and stand-by times of 8 hours and 200 hours, respectively. -- Full specs

Dostyle (One unit: Dostyle 5565902)
The Dostyle 5565902

This Bluetooth headset, which could only be used on the right ear, is sweat-proof and sports CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, but these may not be enough to offset its significantly below-average 4-hour talk time and 5-hour music playback time. -- Full specs

LeMall (One model: LeMall LeMe EB20A)
The LeMall LeMe EB20A

This stereo Bluetooth headset adds Clear Voice Capture 6.0 and a 12-hour talk time to its list of features, which also includes a standby time of 26 days. -- Full specs

Simger (One unit: Simger Beats)
The Simger Beats

In addition to Bluetooth 4.1+EDR, the Simger Beats sports features like CVC 7.0 noise cancellation, full-duplex echo cancellation, and relatively-shorter talk and standby times (of 5 hours and 8 days, respectively) compared to other Bluetooth headsets. -- Full specs

B-Trek (One model: B-Trek H10)
The B-Trek H10

The noise-isolating B-Trek H10 Bluetooth headset runs on a 420mAh battery to enable itself to keep running for 15 hours while talking or 13 hours while listening to music, which, according to its specs list, may be done wireless or through using its 3.5mm audio jack. -- Full specs

Jullmay (One unit: Jullmay Wireless Stereo)
The Jullmay Wireless Stereo

Save for clear standouts such as safety certifications and medical-grade silicone ear tips, it is worth noting that while this headsets's 8-hour talk time is at par with most other Bluetooth headsets, its stand-by time falls a bit short at about 220 hours. -- Full specs

Skullcandy (One model: Skullcandy Grind Wireless)
The Skullcandy Grind Wireless

The wireless version of the original Skullcandy Grind, this Bluetooth headset provides stereo music enhanced by Supreme Sound audio, features a 12-hour working time, and, like many other headsets in its subcategory, is capable of wired use through its 3.5mm audio plug. -- Full specs

LNKOO (One unit: LNKOO BTH102)

The LNKOO BTH102 makes its specs list special by sporting touch-sensitive controls, but without this feature, this Bluetooth headset is just like any other noise-cancelling mono device -- with a rather poor battery life (six hours of talking and 192 hours of stand-by) to boot. -- Full specs

BOHM (One unit: BOHM S10)
The BOHM S10

Apart from featuring a wireless charging system (It charges through a cradle), the BOHM S10 is equipped with natural noise cancelling and a 25-hour talk time, which is higher than most other headsets, at least by 2016 standards. -- Full specs

Lesoom (One unit: Lesoom Mini)
The Lesoom Mini

This Bluetooth headset sports pretty common features like sweat-resistance and passive noise cancellation, but what it lacks in terms of battery life (Its working time hovers around only 4-5 hours) it attempts to make up for through its wide 60-feet working range. -- Full specs

J and L (One model: J and L 100)
The J and L 100

This Bluetooth headset's IP54 rating and rugged design (which apparently qualifies it to be at par with US military standards for rain, dust, and shock protection) shines in contrast to its otherwise lackluster features, which include 175 hours of stand-by, 6 hours of talk time, and a rather weak 70mAh battery. -- Full specs

Forone (One unit: Forone Wireless)
The Forone Wireless

The Forone Wireless is your run-of-the-mill noise-reducing Bluetooth headset equipped with aptX, sweat protection, and a decent 8-hour working time for only 1.5 hours of charge, provided that the usage volume stays below 40% of the maximum. -- Full specs

iMujin (1 bluetooth headset: iMujin LegalBeats Q6)
The iMujin LegalBeats Q6

Powered by Bluetooth verison 4.1 and aptX, the iMujin LegalBeats Q6 is a noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset which can be safely used in sweaty or moist environments and, although its 8-hour talk time and 10-day standby are both just on par with the average, it's supposed to take a bit less time (1 to 1.5 hours) to fully charge the device. -- Full specs

JETech (One unit: JETech H0785)
The JETech H0785

The JETech H0785 doesn't have a lot to brag about as far as its specs are concerned as this Bluetooth headset, although noise-cancelling, doesn't offer any other stand-out features, save for a stand-out (and not in a good way) battery life that lasts for 100 hours on stand-by and four hours when talking. -- Full specs

Firegram (One unit: Firegram Mini)
The Firegram Mini

Staying true to its name, the Clear and Crystal Voice technology-equipped Firegram Mini Bluetooth headset indeed is tiny both in terms of size and longevity -- as can be seen in its sub-par performance in talk time (4 hours) and music playback time (3.5 hours). -- Full specs

Parasom (One unit: Parasom A1)
The Parasom A1

The Parasom A1 Bluetooth headset is a worthy competition to other models in terms of specs like CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, sweat protection, and interchangeable wearing styles (in-ear, in-ear with hooks, over-the-ear), but it seems to fall behind in terms of its 100-hour stand-by and six-hour talk time. -- Full specs

Riversong (One model: Riversong Raindrop A01)
The Riversong Raindrop A01

The sweatproof Riversong Raindrop A01 Bluetooth headset highlights specs like CVC 6.0 noise reduction, magnetic earbuds, and aptX -- perhaps in hopes of overshadowing its rather-lacking 168-hour stand-by, 5-hour talk time, and 6-hour playback time. -- Full specs

iClever (One unit: iClever Boostrun BTH07)
The iClever Boostrun BTH07

The iClever BTH07 is a light Bluetooth headset from the BoostRun line which keeps up with runners' demands through its athlete-friendly specs, such as an IPX4 rating for sweat protection and a CVC 6.0 noise cancelling feature, although its 7-hour working time doesn't match up to the category average. -- Full specs

Picun (1 bluetooth headset: Picun H9)
The Picun H9

The Picun H9 Bluetooth headset, whose ABS-polycarbonate covering is designed to protect it against sweat and moisture, offers the noise-cancelling CVC 6.0 technology and longevity specs that are a bit sub-par, considering that its 7-hour working time is one hour short of the category average. -- Full specs

Mifine (One unit: Mifine Stereo)
The Mifine Stereo

This stereo Bluetooth headset from Mifine comes up short when it comes to its 5-hour working time and battery specs, but attempts to make up for it by sporting a sweatproof and relatively-lighter 15-gram body (which is roughly half as heavy as the average model as of early 2017) and noise cancellation. -- Full specs

Vomach (One model: Vomach Bluetooth Earphones)
The Vomach Bluetooth Earphones

Despite its somewhat aesthetic design, the PA-037 seems to only offer an ordinary spec set found in most Bluetooth headsets, consisting of CVC 6.0 noise reduction, a talk time of six hours, a 5-hour music playback rating, multi-point capability (up to two devices), and a 80mAh battery -- Full specs

Bragi (One unit: Bragi Dash)
The Bragi Dash

The Dash Bluetooth headset (version 4.0/LE) from Bragi truly has a lot to brag about -- namely, a 4GB built-in music player, touch controls, and real-time voice feedback during fitness activities, but the battery-life scores could be better (The 4-hour talk time is almost half the average) -- Full specs

Treblab (One model: Treblab XR500)
The Treblab XR500

As the IPX7-waterproof version of the XR100, the Treblab XR500 is a Bluetooth headset that's marketed for sports, with features like 9 hours of talk and playback time, aptX, and CVC 6.0 noise cancellation under its belt. -- Full specs

Firstop (One unit: Firstop FV8)
The Firstop FV8

In addition to features like CVC 6.0, an IPX4 sweat-proof rating, and aptX audio-enhancement, attaching the Firstop FV8's earbuds together through its built-in magnets automatically turns the Bluetooth headset off (and vice versa). -- Full specs

Apie (One unit: Apie S501)
The Apie S501

The Apie S501's 7-hour talk time and stand-by time of 185 hours may not be as impressive as other Bluetooth headsets', but it touts safety-oriented eartips -- which are designed to keep surrounding sounds audible to the wearer -- as one of its main sports-related features. -- Full specs

1MORE (One unit: 1MORE iBFree)
The 1MORE iBFree

The 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth headset offers its users with protection from sweat via its IPX4 rating, claims to provide an improved listening experience by virtue of its patented dual-layer PET and titanium drivers, and, while its playback and stand-by specs are average, it extends its talking time to 10 hours -- two hours longer than the average. -- Full specs

iBlast Audio (One model: iBlast Audio BT1-RUN)
The iBlast Audio BT1-RUN

The BT1-RUN Bluetooth headset headlines its set of low-to-mid-range specs, which include sixth-generation CVC noise cancellation and a maximum of nine hours of talk time and music playback, with an IPX7 rating for being sweat-resistant. -- Full specs

ATGOIN (One unit: ATGOIN BH-01)

This aptX Bluetooth headset is sweatproof, comes with 6th-generation CVC noise cancellation technology and gel-flex silicone eartips, and, despite being below-average in terms of longevity specs, has a 5-to-7-hour working time that seems reasonable for its price. -- Full specs

NMPB (1 bluetooth headset: NMPB S2)

This IPX4 waterproof Bluetooth headset comes with magnetic earbuds and medical-grade silicone ear caps in addition to more common upgrades like noise-cancelling CVC 6.0 with DSP technology and aptX audio-enhancement. -- Full specs

Ztotop (One unit: Ztotop BVDE)
The Ztotop BVDE

This Ztotop Bluetooth headset headlines its being truly hands-free and caller ID support among its features, which also include CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, a rather disappointing 200 hours of standby, and an average talk and playback time of eight hours. -- Full specs

Toorun (One unit: Toorun M26)
The Toorun M26

The Toorun M26 Bluetooth headset, which comes with an underwhelming talk time and stand-by time of six and 160 hours, respectively, doesn't seem to possess any noteworthy specs aside from a noise-cancelling feature via DSP digital and CVC 6.0 technologies. -- Full specs

AYL (One unit: AYL AX8)

Despite being referred to as a sport Bluetooth headset by AYL, the AX8's snug design and being sweat-resistant seem to be its only fitness-related specs -- but it does come with aptX audio enhancement, CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, and a rather sub-par working time of seven hours. -- Full specs

Cambridge Soundworks (One unit: Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ BudZ 2)
The Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ BudZ 2

Good and less-than-desirable specs fuse together in the OontZ BudZ 2, which is IPX5 water-resistant and features Iso-fit ear cushions to cancel noise and improve the snugness of the Bluetooth headset -- although it comes with only seven hours of working time for a longer-than-usual 3-hour charging time. -- Full specs

Cablex (One unit: Cablex Stereo Sports)
The Cablex Stereo Sports

This sweatproof Bluetooth headset, which runs for eight hours on a 1.5-hour charge, combines flexible ear hooks with sweat resistance to entice the fitness market -- all on top of sound-enhancing specs like CVC 6.0 noise cancellation and aptX codec. -- Full specs

Mailiya (1 bluetooth headset: Mailiya M601)
The Mailiya M601

The Mailiya M601 endures eight hours of talking and playback -- which are the average specs for the category -- and features an IPX4 sweat-proof rating on top of CVC noise-cancellation technology, which are two other common features among similarly-priced Bluetooth headsets -- Full specs

Magictec (One unit: Magictec Wireless Sport)
The Magictec Wireless Sport

With features like digital noise reduction, an IPX5 rating, and a ceramic antenna designed to improve connectivity, this Bluetooth headset's specs list is a mix of pros and cons, as its 6-hour working time and 26-foot range both leave much to be desired. -- Full specs

Dabs Audio (One model: Dabs Audio S10)
The Dabs Audio S10

The Dabs Audio S10 Bluetooth headset has dimensions that are small enough to fit the entire device in-ear and its specs include noise and echo cancellation, wireless charging through inductive magnets, a 200-hour stand-by time, and 4.5-8 hours of talk time, depending on the usage volume. -- Full specs

Esonstyle (One unit: Esonstyle S921)
The Esonstyle S921

The S921 has CVC 6.0 noise cancellation and magnetic earbuds, but with a 60mAh battery (The average battery power for Bluetooth headsets is 120mAh), it is no surprise that the usage specs (5-hour talk time and 180-hour stand-by) of this model fail to keep up with those of most other models, as well. -- Full specs

Senbowe (One model: Senbowe SW-Z6000)
The Senbowe SW-Z6000

This model's specs list is packed with familiar features like CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, magnetic earbuds, and sweat protection, but things take a rather-confusing turn as far as its battery life is concerned, as its 10-hour talk time is above-average, but it doesn't last as long as other Bluetooth headsets when on stand-by. -- Full specs

WinMore (One unit: WinMore MUS271580)
The WinMore MUS271580

This sweatproof Bluetooth headset's unique patterned metallic body encloses a set of lower-mid-range specs such as CVC 6.0 noise isolation, aptX audio, and a pitiful 2-hour talk time -- while its other longevity specs such as its 8-hour playback and 250-hour stand-by remain pretty average. -- Full specs

HeadRush (1 bluetooth headset: HeadRush HRF-581)
The HeadRush HRF-581

The HeadRush HRF-581 Bluetooth headset reduces noise through active noise cancellation (It even has an ANC-dedicated mic, LED indicator, and on/off switch) and comes with aptX audio enhancement to accompany its above-average longevity specs (14 hours of working time and 540 hours stand-by). -- Full specs

SOWAK (One unit: SOWAK S3)

The SOWAK S3 has longevity specs (six hours of talk time and seven hours of playback) befitting a sub-20-dollar Bluetooth headset, but it also retains general features that are commonly found even in higher-priced models like CVC 6.0 noise isolation, IPX4 sweat protection, and aptX audio -- Full specs

Maxtronic (One model: Maxtronic RQ8)
The Maxtronic RQ8

The sweatproof Maxtronic RQ8 headlines its set of low-to-mid-end specs with aptX audio enhancement and CVC 6.0 noise reduction -- good specs that balance out its underwhelming 80mAh battery which gives the Bluetooth headset only five hours of talk time. -- Full specs

APEKX (One unit: APEKX BE1010)
The APEKX BE1010

The APEKX BE1010 is a mass-tier Bluetooth headset that features the usual offerings like CVC noise reduction technology and protection from sweat-related damage, but its longevity specs, led by a maximum of nine hours of talk time and 250 hours of stand-by, are a bit better than the category average -- Full specs

Amerzam (One model: Amerzam Mini Wireless)
The Amerzam Mini Wireless

This Bluetooth headset's physical dimensions show that it indeed deserves to be called "Mini" -- a name that can also be applied to its longevity specs which, at a working time of 2-to-3 hours, are rather short-lived (though this may be supplemented via its 450mAh charging cradle). -- Full specs

Beskey (One unit: Beskey Sports)
The Beskey Sports

This sweatproof (IPX5) Bluetooth headset's ability to play music using various modes (super bass voice, pop music, and alt voice) seems like a breath of fresh air, considering how common (but still relatively appealing, nonetheless) its other specs -- namely 6th generation CVC noise reduction and aptX audio -- are. -- Full specs

Tiergrade (One unit: Tiergrade TierEarphone109)
The Tiergrade TierEarphone109

On one hand, this Bluetooth headset's battery specs may leave its user hanging, considering that its 4-hour playback and 5-hour talk time barely make it past half of the average values across all models, but it sports redeeming qualities like noise cancellation, magnetic earbuds, and a rather light 0.2-ounce profile. -- Full specs

Zeus (One unit: Zeus Outdoor)
The Zeus Outdoor

This offering from Zeus positions itself in the league by banking on its IPX7 rating for protectiom from sweat and sixth-generation CVC noise-isolating technology, considering how little its 8-hour talk time and 220-hour stand-by deviate from the majority of other Bluetooth headsets' specs. -- Full specs

SDICL (One model: SDICL Wireless Stereo)
The SDICL Wireless Stereo

Sporting a folding and retractable form, this Bluetooth headset takes portability up a notch, and features other specs like CVC noise cancelling, vibration alerts, sweat protection, and a respectable 16 to 18-hour working time. -- Full specs

JDB (One unit: JDB Sports Stereo 2016)
The JDB Sports Stereo 2016

This JDB Bluetooth headset's specs keep a sport-oriented stance with the IPX4 sweat-resistant rating and secure design, while playing music and handling calls (all while isolating from external noise via CVC 6.0 technology) for about seven hours -- Full specs

Ghostek (One model: Ghostek soDrop 2)
The Ghostek soDrop 2

The soDrop 2 Bluetooth headset strives to be impressive both inside and out, with a premium-looking brushed aluminum body to shelter its features and specs, which include bi-directional noise cancellation, aptX audio, and 14 hours of usage time (which may be extended using the included 3.5mm audio cable). -- Full specs

Mugmee (One unit: Mugmee Touch Controls Wireless)
The Mugmee Touch Controls Wireless

This Bluetooth headset sets itself apart mainly through the touch-sensitive panel on its body and its noise-cancelling ability, but its longevity-associated specs, such as its 4.5-hour talk and 180-hour stand-by time, lie on the more inferior side. -- Full specs

gaoye (One model: Gaoye R9)
The Gaoye R9

This mono Bluetooth headset focuses on usability features like noise cancellation, phone call and device status voice prompts, and a fast 1-hour charging time, although its longevity specs may be a bit lower than the average (depending on usage volume) at a working time of 6-8 hours. -- Full specs

CellBee (One unit: CellBee WAVE)
The CellBee WAVE

CellBee makes up for the lack of audio-enhancing and noise-cancelling features in the WAVE Bluetooth headset by giving it three EQ sound effects (classic, super bass, and pop) and longer-than-average talk and stand-by times at 10 and 250 hours, respectively (although its 8-hour talk time remains average). -- Full specs

Aumet (One model: Aumet SY01-B)
The Aumet SY01-B

This aptX Bluetooth headset has a set of low-to-mid-tier specs befitting its relatively-inexpensive price tag -- namely, CVC noise cancelling technology, HD voice support, an 8-hour playback time, and a below-average talk time of 6.5 hours. -- Full specs

atill (One model: Atill BT9)
The Atill BT9

This Atill Bluetooth headset is fitted with sweat protection and CVC 6.0 for cancelling unwanted noise and, while these specs aren't exactly phenomenal, the fact that it offers an above-average 350-hour stand-by time for less than the usual two hours of charging (It refills in only 1.5 hours) is noteworthy, at least for its price point. -- Full specs

Sunshell (One unit: Sunshell Sport Stereo)
The Sunshell Sport Stereo

This model produces a decent 8-hour usage time (although its 130-hour standby is below-average) and comes with 6th-generation CVC noise-cancelling technology, which, specs-wise, puts it among the ranks of the average sweatproof Bluetooth headset. -- Full specs

Crazybaby (One model: Crazybaby Air)
The Crazybaby Air

The Air, which is heavily-reliant on its wireless charging pod to produce respectable longevity (up to 20 hours of talk time), is Crazybaby's attempt to pack top-tier features in a light and cord-free Bluetooth headset -- done through furnishing the device with a pure carbon nanotube driver, 8th-generation CVC noise cancellation, an IPX6 rating for water resistance, and a "true wireless stereo" chipset. -- Full specs

Alolli (One unit: Alolli Stereo)
The Alolli Stereo

This Bluetooth headset from Alolli keeps its specs down to a basic level, with only a noise-cancelling CVC 6.0 feature and ceramic antennas to accompany its rather-short talk and stand-by times of six and 160 hours, respectively. -- Full specs

Canbor (1 bluetooth headset: Canbor Stereo)
The Canbor Stereo

At only 18 grams, this noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset is roughly 44 percent lighter than the average headset and is protected via an IPX5 waterproof rating -- both of which make it a good contender when it comes to usability -- but its other specs, such as its 8-hour battery life and 33-foot range, are average at best. -- Full specs

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