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Snow Blowers 2016/2016

From electric shovels to extreme track-drive snow blowers that move 83 tons of snow per hour, the selection is phenomenal. Choose through more than 61 snow blowers with our easy choosing tools:

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Tablet Computers

The key to choosing the right tablet computer resides in performance and usability. AlphaChooser's tablet computer features and specs delve into detailed specifications such as camera resolution and Wi-Fi type.

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Car GPS Systems

GPSes are alive and well, even in 2016! Our GPS section breaks down models from specialized RV GPS to bike models and even others that come with a dash cam or a backup camera!

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Bluetooth Headsets

When choosing a Bluetooth headset, one needs to care about noise reduction, wind cancellation and weight, among other features. Alphachooser sorts each headset category, letting you choose according to your most important criteria.

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Steam and scrubing cycles, 3rd racks or even hard food filters, dishwashers are going to extreme to facilitate this number one chore of day-to-day life. Compare the latest dishwasher models here.

Recent Dishwashers 2016+

Wine Refrigerators

Your increasing wine knowledge led you to buy good bottles? Here is how to choose the right wine cooler to safeguard them at the correct temperature and protect them from UV rays in, if possible, two different temperature zones. AlphaChooser shows you the... tasty way.

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Blenders & Mini Blenders

Stop throwing money away on $5 smoothies everyday and start making your own. It is so easy with the right blender or personal blender (also known as a mini blender). And if you want to blend other things, some of these models are ready to break into anything you throw down their jar!

All The Latest Blenders

Electric Juicers

Once you decide to juice your way to a better you, the next step is to choose just the right kind of juicer for your needs. Our juicer section lets you discover the various models and their sometimes unique features.

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Latest Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens have evolved a lot. Convection models, rotisserie-style rotating skewers and combo units with a built-in regular toaster, it seems like sky is the limit for today's toaster ovens.

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Electric Kettles

Cordless electric kettles are all the range, but do you want your water to come out with BPAs from the plastic or do you prefer a stainless steel model?... Or even one of these new glass electric kettles with a built-in tea steeper? Let us sort it out for you.

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New Toasters 2016+

Choosing toasters doesn't only involve deciding on the number of slots. Other factors play a great role too. Take wattage, for example, which contributes in determining the speed at which a toaster will cook toasts.
New! 10 Fascinating Toasters Picture Gallery

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Shop Vacuums

Not all shop vacuums are created equal. Peak horse power (HP) is not the only thing that matters. Air flow and Amps, for instance, make a significant difference in how much vacuum power shop vacuums will deliver. AlphaChooser sorts everything out for you...

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Air Conditioners 2016

Air conditioners have evolved tremendously and now include remotes with built-in thermostats, 8-way air deflection, noise control and high energy efficiency. Check out the latest models 2016!

All A/C models 2016+

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