The Fastest High-Wattage Toasters 2015

Here are what we believe may be the fastest toasters, given their watt rating -- the highest amount of power they can draw. High-wattage toasters are not necessarily guaranteed to be faster toasters, but we believe that it is probably the only available systematic approach to spotting the potentially quickest toasters -- other than testing them all. This list ranks high-wattage fast toasters according to our "watts-per-slice" metric, which we compute by dividing a toaster's number of simultaneous bread slices by its watt rating. Of course, the more watts per slice, the potentially fastest the toaster.

The List:

Smeg Retro Style Aesthetic

(The Smeg Retro Style Aesthetic is the first fast toaster of our extreme toasters 2015 list.)

Maxi-Matic Elite 2-Slice Electric

The Elite Cuisine ECT-231L 2-Slice Electric runs at 440 watts per slice, which potentially puts it at the entry-level for the fastest toasters.

Black and Decker Rapid Toast 2-Slice

The Rapid Toast 2-slice is a two-slice toaster branded by its manufacturer to toast 50% faster than its older counterparts.

Waring Pro WT200 2-Slice

The WT200 sports a brushed stainless steel finish with black accents and LED indicators.

Waring Pro Cool Touch 4-Slice

The Cool Touch 4-Slice sports a black stainless steel finish with silver accents and red LED buttons.

Plus Minus Zero 1-slice

The Plus Minus Zero 1-slice has a cute compact plain white design very reminiscent of Apple chargers.

Perfect Toaster MT-85

All-Clad Electrics Collection 4-Slice

The Electrics Collection 4-Slice is a basic stainless steel and die-cast finished 4-slice toaster with the usual bagel, defrost, and two independent six-level browning functions.

Waring Professional Cool Touch 4-Slice

The Professional Cool Touch 4-Slice has the potential to be fast with its 1800 watts of power.

KitchenAid Pro Line 2-Slice

The Pro Line 2-Slice features automatic lifting and lowering and a button to force lowering or cancel cycle.

Breville The Bit More 2-Slice

The The Bit More 2-Slice features the Lift and Look lever, which raises and lowers the carriage without interrupting the toasting cycle.

Farberware 103741 2-slice

Waring Commercial Heavy Duty 4-Slot Standard

The Commercial Heavy Duty 4-Slot Standard is described as able to generate up to 300 slices an hour.

All-Clad TJ802D 2-Slice

The TJ802D 2-Slice sports All-Clad's (a metal company) stainless and die-cast finish, which gives it a smooth and modern look.

Breville The Bit More 4-Slice

The The Bit More 4-Slice sports a high-lift lever (Lift and Look) that can be used to check the bread without interrupting the cycle.

DeLonghi Icona CTO2003R

The Icona CTO2003R uses an appreciable 450 watts of power per slice.

Panasonic Breakfast Collection

The Breakfast Collection features transparent glass cool-touch sides that host concealed LED indicators.

T-Fal Avante Icon 4-slice

Basic 1800-watt toaster with two special handles for toast lift.

T-Fal Avante Icon 2-slice

Basic 900-watt toaster with a special handle for toast lift.

Nesco Two-Slice T1000-12

The T1000-12 uses 1000-watts of power, which computes to 500 watts per slice.

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