12 Crucial Cuisinart CSO-300N Toaster Oven Specs

Release year2016
Main categorysmall toaster oven
Dimensions11 x 14 x 19.5 inches
Dimensions mm279.4 x 355.6 x 495.3 mm
Manufacture product IDCSO-300N
Special Included AccessoriesWire rack /// Baking pan /// Broiling rack /// Drip tray
Available colorsSilver

Finish? (It seems to be stainless steel)
Crumb tray
Other Specs
Pizza fit12 inches
Inside capacity0.6 cubic feet
Preset programsSteam bake, Steam broil

* Specifications cannot be guaranteed accurate. Please do your own research before buying a toaster oven. Manufacturers may have omited some specs, making it difficult for us to know whether or not a specific model has a specific function. If you see an error in this Cuisinart CSO-300N spec sheet, please let us know as soon as possible.

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