17 Crucial Shop-Vac 5821027 Shop Vacuum Specs

Release year2016
Release month4

Performance Features
Peak horsepower5 HP / 6.7Kw
Air flow135 CFM (3.82 cubic metre/min.)
Sealed pressure54
Voltage120 V
Peak air watts255
Special Included AccessoriesTwo 2.5-inch extension wands, 14-inch wet/dry floor nozzle, Elbow grip, Hose holder, Tool holder
Warranty3 years
Tank capacity10 gallons (Equivalent to 37.85L or 40.0qt.)
Hose diameter2.5 " (6.35cm)
Included filtersCartridge filter, Disposable filter bag, Foam sleeve
Physical Features
Power cord length6 feet
Tank drain
Blower feature
Water pump
Lock-on hose

* Specifications cannot be guaranteed accurate. Please do your own research before buying a shop vacuum. Manufacturers sometimes omit certain functions, making it difficult for us to know whether or not a specific model has a specific function. If you find an error in this Shop-Vac 5821027 spec sheet, please let us know as soon as possible.

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