17 Crucial Pangea Brands Death Star Toaster Specs

Also known as: Pangea Death Star 2-slice.

Release year2016
Release month10
Release quarter04

Wattage (Watts)850 W
Watts per slice425 W
Available colorsGrey
Cool touch housing
Crumb tray (Removable)
Browning settings? (but we were able to see a shade setting knob in the pictures from the "Light Side" to the "Dark Side" )
Defrost button
Cancel button (Quick Stop)
Reheat button
Auto shut-off (Switch-off can also be done manually)
Other Features
SpecialToasts a Tie Fighter logo on one side of the bread, Adjustable Thermostat, Death Star design

* Specifications cannot be guaranteed accurate. Please do your own research before buying a toaster. Manufacturers may have omited some specs, making it difficult for us to know whether or not a specific model has a specific function. If you spot an inaccuracy in this Pangea Brands Death Star description, please let us know as soon as possible.

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