Toaster Eliminator 2017

Most toasters have a bagel and defrost button, but not all of them have a reheat function, motorized lowering or better yet, a powerful toasting element. AlphaChooser's Toaster Eliminator makes note of all your preferences with regards to those and other features and finds your 3 best toasters. Start now with the first question:

Question #1: How many slices should it accomodate?

If you live alone, two slices should be fine. Otherwise, avoid family feuds by going 4-slice!

Make your selection...

Two slices or more.
265 toasters will remain.
Four slices or more.
103 toasters will remain.
Just two slices please.
161 toasters will remain.
Long slot models only.
29 toasters will remain.

Toaster Eliminator Chooser 2017

Confused? Let us find your Top 10 best toasters. with our chooser. Start Now!

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