Compare the Latest 5 Sony Tablet Computers 2017

List of the latest Sony tablet computers in the order in which they were added to our database (To compare any of the 5 models, just click their Add to compare button):

The two latest Sony 10-inch tablet computers (as of February, 2017)

The Sony Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4

Avg. rating: (80%) (133 reviews over 3 sources)

High-end 10.1-inch tablet with a high-resolution screen (2560 x 1600 pixels) and a 64-bit octa-core processor housed in a thin (6.1mm) and lightweight (393g) IP68-/65-certified enclosure.

The Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2

Avg. rating: (82%) (1121 reviews over 4 sources)

High-end 10.1-inch entertainment slate claiming to be the world's thinnest (6.4mm) and lightest (15.5 ounces) waterproof tablet and boasting a surprisingly long battery life.
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Two Sony android tablet computers

The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Avg. rating: (78%) (1415 reviews over 5 sources)

8-inch high-end waterproof tablet best suited for gaming and watching movies with its 2.5GHz quad-core processor, sizable (4500mAh battery) and an included PlayStation 4 app.

The Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S

Avg. rating: (73%) (385 reviews over 3 sources)

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And other models...

The Sony Digital Paper System

Sony Digital Paper System

Sony's 13.3-inch e-reader tablet, which seems under-equipped, due to a non-backlit electrophoretic display, a 4GB internal storage, and a limited file-handling ecosystem that only accepts PDF files.

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