Full Husqvarna Automower 310 Mower Specs

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Under The Hood
BatteryLithium ion
Battery voltage18 V (according to online retailer Canadian Tire)
Battery charging time60 minutes
Charger detailsFlexible charging station placement
Max. noise level60

Mowing Features
Cutting width (inches)8.66
Cutting methodsMulch
Blades3 (pivoting razor blades)
Mower Cut Height (inches)2.4
Mower Cut Height Min (inches)0.8
Drive Details
Wheel featuresLarge coarse medium tread wheels for traction
Other Specs & Features
Special Included Accessories9 Extra blades, 400 Staples
Optional AccessoriesInstallation kit, Automower Connect kit (GPS tracking), Replaceable cover, 300 series house kit, Terrain wheel kit
Button typeKeypad (19 buttons)
Safety featuresTheft protection by alarm and PIN code, Installation lock, Time lock, GPS Theft tracking (optional)
Robotic featuresAutomatically goes back to charging station, Patented automatic passage handling (automatically finds its way through narrow passages), Patented guide wires (reduce the mower's search time to find its way back to the charging station), Homeowner can designate up to 3 remote start points
Navigation SystemBoundary wire (250m included), GPS (optional)
ApplicationAutomower Connect at Home (start/stop and park commands, check and adjust the settings with up to 30m range)
Claimed qualitiesIntended for small or medium-sized yard up to 0.25 acres, Better lawn appearance, Can maneuver around obstacles and tight spaces, Easy cut-height adjustment, Excellent entry-level robotic lawn mower, Smart technology and intuitive interface, Low energy consumption, Reliable, Silent, Unique cutting system
Model VariantsHusqvarna AM310 967 67 29-66 (US with installation service), Husqvarna AM310 967 67 29-68 (AM310 US/CA with installation service)
SpecialBalance control, Lift and Tilt sensors, Medium-sized graphic menu display, Spiral cutting, Timer, Weather resistance (works in the rain)
Manufacture product IDAM310
Release year2018
Release month08
Width (inches)20.1
Height (inches)9.8
Depth (inches)24.8
Width (mm)510.5
Height (mm)248.9
Depth (mm)629.9
General Specs
Main categoryCordless lawn mower
Weight lbs with package44.5
Warranty2 years (limited)


Also known as: Husqvarna 310 Mower, Husqvarna AM 310, Husqvarna 0.25 Acre Robotic Lawn Mower, Husqvarba 967 67 29-05.

General Husqvarna Automower 310 Information

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