The Latest Zero-turn Mowers 2019

Alphachooser's list of the newest zero-turn mowers includes only lawn mowers that obey to these criteria:

  • Must be riding models equipped with a zero-turn mower system (no steering wheel).
  • Zero-turn lawn mowers are generally of a larger size, but can include some models with a cutting width under 40 inches.

The List:


Cutting width: 54 inches

Average rating:
(78%) (11 reviews)   

More zero-turn mowers, sorted by the latest model first:

Cutting width: 50 inches
Horsepower: 13.3 HP

Average rating:
(84%) (110 reviews over 2 sources)   

Cutting width: 34 inches

Average rating:
(85%) (9 reviews over 2 sources)   

Horsepower: 23 HP

Average rating:
(88%) (773 reviews)   

Cutting width: 32 inches

Horsepower: 24 HP

Average rating:
(66%) (12 reviews)   

Cutting width: 42 inches
Horsepower: 24.5 HP

Average rating:
(82%) (19 reviews)   

Average rating:
(92%) (135 reviews)   

Cutting width: 46 inches
Horsepower: 21.5 HP

Average rating:
(85%) (96 reviews over 2 sources)   

Average rating:
(84%) (30 reviews)   

Cutting width: 60 inches
Horsepower: 25 HP

Average rating:
(90%) (35 reviews over 2 sources)   

Average rating:
(90%) (175 reviews)   

Average rating:
(84%) (345 reviews)   

The ZTR2454KA relies on a 24hp Kawasaki engine for mowing at up to a speed of 8mph.


The ZTR2460KA sports a 24hp Kawasaki engine to power it up to a speed of 8 miles an hour both for forward and reverse.

Average rating:
(100%) (4 reviews over 2 sources)   

The ZTR2760BS sports identical 8mph forward and reverse top speeds, which may shorten mowing time.

Horsepower: 27 HP


The ZTR2766BS sports a 27hp motor and yields a top speed of 8mph, for both forward and reverse.

Cutting width: 66 inches

Average rating:
(62%) (11 reviews over 2 sources)   

The P54ZX relies on a 24hp engine for mowing up to a speed of 6mph and for towing a luggage.


The RZ3016 30-Inch reports a mowing capacity of 1.6 acre per hour with its 500 cc 16.5HP engine.

Cutting width: 30 inches
Horsepower: 16.5 HP

Average rating:
(62%) (21 reviews)   

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