Newest And Best Wine Refrigerators 2021 (For USA)

Wine gains more fans every year (in 2014, marketing charts noted a 16-year consecutive increase in wine sales) and new wine connoisseurs like you are looking for ways to safeguard their bottles at just the right temperature. But which wine refrigerator should you go for? Dual-zone, built-in or freestanding? Equipped with inclined shelves to show the labels? The choice is infinite but AlphaChooser weeds out the way for you.

According to our multi-review-based ranking system, the best wine refrigerator 2021 should be the NutriChef PKCWC12, and the second best wine refrigerator 2021 is the NutriChef PKCWC120. Here is the full top 10 list, then sub-categories and a complete list of wine refrigerator brands and models.


Smith and Hanks RW88DR

  • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)
  • Built-in Or Freestanding
9.4Out Of 10
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Best Wine Coolers For Specific Categories

Best Wine Refrigerator Furniture Cabinets 2021

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Best Dual-zone Freestanding Wine Coolers

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Dual-zone Wine Coolers

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Slimline Wine Coolers

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Wine And Beer Fridges

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Countertop Wine Coolers

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Under-counter Wine Coolers

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Tall Wine Refrigerators

Towering stainless-steel coolers, hardwood cabinet-style display models... even ones equipped with double French doors! Tall wine refrigerators often provide the largest bottle capacities matched with a classy presentation for your collection. Learn more about the newest 2021 variety of large wine fridges here! Full list

Mini Wine Fridges

Mini wine fridges give you a simple 4- to 8-bottle capacity without eating up so much space in your kitchen, especially some models that are shaped like a mini tower. See our list of the latest 2021 mini wine fridges. Full list

16-to-18-bottle Wine Coolers

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List of all the wine refrigerator brands and their newest models 2021:

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