The Latest Furniture-Like Wine Refrigerators as of 2022

Looking for a wine cooler that does not look like one, to better fit the style of your living room? Furniture wine refrigerators and cabinets achieve just that. They look strikingly like a normal piece of furniture, but they conceal a full-fledged electric wine cooler, most of the time a thermoelectric one.

Some of the furniture wine coolers shown here stand as high as a queen-sized wardrobe while others look just like your bedroom dresser, complete with a mirror and a hanging stemware rack! Others include a drawer and a lock located under the handle, just like antique cabinets. One model by Tresanti even has a drop-lid work surface that gives access to an illuminated and mirrored stemware rack area. There are also a few French door furniture wine refrigerators and others with granite tops.

This list includes models that appear like normal furniture cabinets, essentially by sporting a wooden exterior that imitates classic furniture like cabinets, desks or personal dressers. Though some of these refrigerators are single-zone, some others, even smaller models, managed to include two temperature zones.

The List:

  • Made in USA
  • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)
  • Made in USA
  • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)

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