The Latest Furniture-Like Wine Refrigerators as of 2021

Looking for a wine cooler that does not look like one, to better fit the style of your living room? Furniture wine refrigerators and cabinets achieve just that. They look strikingly like a normal piece of furniture, but they conceal a full-fledged electric wine cooler, most of the time a thermoelectric one.

Some of the furniture wine coolers shown here stand as high as a queen-sized wardrobe while others look just like your bedroom dresser, complete with a mirror and a hanging stemware rack! Others include a drawer and a lock located under the handle, just like antique cabinets. One model by Tresanti even has a drop-lid work surface that gives access to an illuminated and mirrored stemware rack area. There are also a few French door furniture wine refrigerators and others with granite tops.

This list includes models that appear like normal furniture cabinets, essentially by sporting a wooden exterior that imitates classic furniture like cabinets, desks or personal dressers. Though some of these refrigerators are single-zone, some others, even smaller models, managed to include two temperature zones.

The List:


More wine refrigerator furniture cabinets, sorted by the latest model first:

This model sports a somewhat classic furniturestyle as suggested by its birch veneer surface and distinctive pedestal base.

Amalfi Madison ART697550

  • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)
This model sports a contemporary design with its Meridian Cherry furniture finish and elevated stainless steel base.

Tresanti Wesleyan TS-EC6439RW22-C247

  • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)
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This model has arched windows and a cherry wood veneer finish to make it look like furniture cabinetry.

Vinotemp Sonoma 410 410-Bottle

    This model takes a different approach to the furniture wine cooler category, making it more contemporary, with a nickel door pull and a door with bevel amber glass.

    Tresanti Cabernet DC9416C275-1818

    • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)
    This furniture wine refrigerator manages to look pretty much like a living room hutch with its carved cornice and bulky appearance. It comes in either rustic or vintage cherry wood and stores 192 bottles, but in just one zone.

    Vinotemp Sonoma Lux Credenza 296

      A wooden mid-sized very furniture-like wine cooler that looks like a normal desk with its polished-granite top shelf and drawer, yet conceals two temperature zones for a total of 24 bottles. Further accentuating its furniture appearance is a vintage keyhole located under the door handle.

      Tresanti Madison DC997C240-2424 24-bottle

      • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)
      This model has fluted columns corners, further accentuating that antique look, which differentiates it from other furniture wine refrigerators.

      Tresanti Avalon DC1170C253-1827

      • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)
      The Vinotemp Sonoma 500 510-bottle features an exterior that is made from premium wood and has a grid-style racking configuration.

      Vinotemp Sonoma 500 510-bottle

        This model features a cornice, decorative door handles and a base to give it a home decor appeal.

        Vinotemp Sonoma LUX Vino-Sonoma700L 464-bottle

          Closely resembling a personal dresser with its mirror and granite work area, this Pinot wine cooler and furniture piece by Tresanti stores 24 wine bottles in two thermoelectric-cooled zones and holds a stemware rack at the top. Its wood finish is made of rose cherry wood.

          Tresanti Pinot DC2344C650-2425 24-Bottle

          • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)
          This model features two decorative handles, curved door edges, a cornice, and a base to give it a normal furniture appeal.

          Vinotemp Sonoma Classic VT-SonomaCL600

            This model features a carved molded base to make it look like normal furniture.

            Tresanti Rutherford DC387C233-3641 36-Bottle

            • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)
            This model features a normal furniture appeal with a cherry work top with walnut inlay and ash burl border, a pedestal-style base, and column corners styled with fluted accents.

            Tresanti Avalon DC1170C253-1827 18-Bottle

            • Dual-zone (Dual-temp)

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