Here Are The Top 10 Best Under-counter Wine Coolers As Of August, 2019

Under-counter wine coolers are probably the most chic way to add a wine fridge to your kitchen. Inherently built-in under your kitchen counter they generally look sober yet classy, often using brushed stainless, amber glass doors, seamless handles and chrome trimmings

This list catalogs under-counter models in a variety of styles and form factors: Some are as narrow as 10-inch wide, to fit kitchens cabinets already cluttered by the dishwasher and the kitchen range, while others smartly separate white and red wines with french doors that give them a stylish boost. And, of course, some models make it a point to ostensibly display your most extravagant bottles using special inclined shelves.

All the under-the-counter models shown here are shorter than 36 inches so they can be built-in under standard kitchen counters, but at least 31-inch high. to look like a right fit. They must also feature front ventilation and be described by their manufacturer as made for built-in use.

The List:

Based on its aggregated rank of 88%, we determined that the Frigidaire FGWC5233TS is currently Alphachooser's best under-counter wine cooler 2019. We also believe that our 90 reviews sampled from our sources give us a high confidence level (more on confidence levels) that justifies to call it a "no-brainer best choice."

Frigidaire FGWC5233TS

A height of 32.25 inches by 25.94 wide
Unfavorable reviews concerning its delivery seem to the main con of the Kalamera KRC-18SZB Wine Fridge. Apparently, several buyers have received their units with dents and damages, with some reporting to have received a completely-non-functional wine cooler. While instances like these are covered by warranty and replacement guarantees, we understand that it might be annoying.

Still, a majority of this 4-star model's reviews are on the commendatory side. A lot of the 86 reviews that our system has scanned and analyzed paint a picture of the KRC-18SZB as a slimline under-counter wine cooler that's able to maintain stable temperatures while keeping a relatively-quiet profile. Design-wise, its appearance is generally-regarded to be tasteful, and its interior lighting and shelves have also received compliments. A user also pointed out that the controls were ((Q))very easy to use,((Q)) but information from Kalamera doesn't seem to reveal anything about its control buttons which are out of the ordinary.

Its design, however, is not perfect. For a 12-inch slimline wine cooler -- which are made for smaller spaces under the counter -- it doesn't come with a flat power plug, which means that the unit has a tendency to stick out of the counter, given the clearance that has to be left at the back for the standard plug. This is remedied, of course, by using extension cords or flat adapters, but for a built-in wine refrigerator, it still feels like a design flaw.

In the end, the KRC-18SZB still appears to impress most of its buyers, therefore landing the label Alphachooser's second best under-counter wine cooler 2019 in this subcategory.

Kalamera KRC-18SZB

A height of 33.9 inches by 11.6 wide
Room for 18 (750ml Bordeaux) bottles
6 Wooden, Slide-out shelves
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Phiestina PH-29BD

A height of 33.9 inches by 14.9 wide
Room for 29 bottles
5 Adjustable shelves

Amzchef JC-85A Built In Wine Cooler

A height of 34.1 inches by 15 wide
Room for 31 bottles
A 2-year warranty
Although there are a few buyers reporting that their NewAir AWR-290DB built-in wine fridge started making very loud noises a couple of weeks after purchase, the majority of the 192 reviews scanned by our feedback compiler commend this model for running quietly. As such, it may be safe to assume that the extremely-noisy units are nothing but lemons, which should be remedied by the standard warranty policy, anyway.

This under-counter wine fridge also earns a pat on the back from many reviewers for its ability to cool beverages quickly and keep the temperatures on its two zones fairly stable. Consumers also generally describe their units as attractive-looking and well-made enough to act as a freestanding unit. To top it up, the NewAir AWR-290DB's door hinge can be transferred onto either the left or right side, which should be a good thing for people with constraints in this department. However, reviewers have also pointed out that the NewAir logo would be upside down when the door is attached for a right-hand opening -- unless you settle for saying you just bought a ((Q))Riawen((Q)) wine cooler and impress the snobs?

Many of the less-than-satisfied customers claim that this built in wine cooler does not actually hold 29 bottles of wine -- a common complaint about under-counter wine refrigerators which tend to have very optimistic bottle counts, so just be aware that your mileage will vary. Moreover, the not-too-unfamiliar protests about too-tight shelves also made an appearance among this 4-star model's reviews.

This 15-inch wine fridge nonetheless has more fans than critics, ending up as an Alphachooser good choice under-the-counter wine cooler in our database.

NewAir AWR-290DB Under-counter Wine Cooler

A height of 33.75 inches by 14.88 wide
The 51-bottle Whirlpool WUW35X24DS is a built in wine cooler that is currently rated 4 stars from 132 reviews. People generally say that it ((Q))cools at it should,((Q)) and it appears like it's generally regarded as a reliable under-the-counter wine cooler in reviews. According to buyers, this model keeps temperatures very stable, and although it sometimes varies from the set coldness, it only does so by a few degrees. This reliability appears to be coupled with ease of use and installation -- again according to the customer feedback that we have encountered. Furthermore, it has also racked up approvals for its looks, with not a few people raving about its modern and sophisticated exteriors. The blue interior lighting (which is not exactly super rare, by any means) and sturdy-feeling handle were also mentioned quite a lot.

However, some have mentioned that it made more noise than they were expecting, but noted that the sound level was still within the acceptable threshold. A very unfortunate few have reported hearing weird noises from this under-counter model after several weeks or months of operation, but fortunately encountering lemons such as these could be remedied by the warranty. Unsurprisingly, there were also the all-too-familiar reports of the wine cooler not accommodating larger or wider bottles (like those used for champagne), but again, this is not uncommon among many modern wine fridges.

The Whirlpool WUW35X24DS impressed so many people that, in spite of having a few unfavorable reviews, it still ended up as an Alphachooser good choice in this list.

Whirlpool WUW35X24DS Built In Wine Cooler

A height of 34.625 inches by 23.81 wide
The Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-1SSLN Wine Fridge garnered a combined rating of 4 stars across 68 reviews. Such respectable rating puts this under-counter model as an Alphachooser interesting choice on our database of built in wine coolers.

Glowing reviews on Amazon describe the product as ((Q))extremely quiet((Q)), with a lot of buyers also praising its design -- not only its sophisticated looks (that enables this 24-inch model to act as a freestanding unit, as well), but also how ((Q))smooth-gliding((Q)) its shelves are and the ((Q))solid feel((Q)) of its door. The option to avail either a left hinge or a right hinge version also gives this under-the-counter unit added flexibility, on top of the two handle types (towel bar type and a curved handle) that are already included with every unit.

Since it features a digital display and a thermostat, we assume this model poses as a suitable option for the extra-particular wine connoisseur. Most reviewers report that the temperature consistency is good, while an unfortunate few claim that the thermostat reading on their respective coolers is actually off by a few degrees. Some even more unfortunate folks report receiving dented units, but this should be covered by the warranty, anyway.

A more consistent ((Q))flaw((Q)) would be the closeness of some of the shelves. Several reviewers pointed out that sliding out a shelf resulted to scraped-off labels on some bottles, thus ruining the bottle presentation -- a real bummer, we imagine, unless you care more about what is inside than the outside.

That being said, our review crawler relies accurately on review averages from multiple sources and, want it or not, profiled the Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-1SSLN as a runner-up in our comprehensive database of built-in wine coolers.

Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-1SSLN Under-counter Wine Cooler

A 1 (5 years for the compressor system)-year warranty
The Allavino VSWR56-1SSRN Wine Fridge is advertised as a 56-bottle built in wine cooler. However, according to a sizable chunk of the 69 reviews that our comprehensive feedback aggregator has scanned, being able to store 56 bottles of wine in the unit is nearly unachievable -- unless all the wine bottles you have are in the standard size and you follow a rather constricting storage pattern. Despite this, it has earned an over-all rating of 4 stars, which may be explained by the good points briefly discussed below.

Numerous reports indicate that this under-the-counter wine fridge excellently maintains steady temperature. Although the temperature gauge has been widely-reported to be off by a few degrees, the coldness inside the unit purportedly does not demonstrate fluctuations. Furthermore, the VSWR56-1SSRN has earned massive approval for its looks, where the option to install either a towel bar handle or a curved handle supplements the already-stylish exterior. With its metal and glass finishing, it's not hard to imagine how this 24-inch unit can fit harmoniously with many kitchen designs, even as a freestanding wine cooler.

A number of reviews also lauded this built-in model for being quiet, but there are also buyers that complained about its noise. As such, the issue about its sound levels remains subjective, since wine coolers unfortunately don't come with noise ratings.

While its shelves seem to be generally-regarded as sturdy and nice-looking, complaints about them not sliding far enough cropped up every once in a while. This has made reading labels on the back-facing bottles challenging for some buyers.

These appear to be valid complaints, but considering that its 5-star reviews outnumber the more critical ones, this Allavino under-counter wine cooler has unsurprisingly ended up as the top 10 model in our ranking.

Allavino VSWR56-1SSRN


KitchenAid KUWR204ESB


Whynter Elite BWR-401DS 40-Bottle

A height of 33 inches by 24 wide
A 40-bottle capacity

Thor Kitchen TWC2402

A height of 34.25 inches by 23.5 wide
Room for 42 bottles
A 1-year warranty

More under-counter wine coolers, sorted by the latest model first:

Lanbo LW33S

A height of 34.4 inches by 15 wide
Room for 33 bottles
A 1 (3 years for the compressor)-year warranty


A height of 32 inches by 15 wide
Room for 32 bottles

Worthyeah HC-33D

A height of 33.3 inches by 15 wide
A 26-bottle capacity
6 Slide-out shelves

EdgeStar CWBV8030

A height of 32 inches by 30 (Combined width of each 15-inch wide cooler) wide
Room for 30 bottles
A 1 (Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship)-year warranty

Thor Kitchen HWC2405U

A height of 34.25 inches by 17.75 wide
Room for 40 bottles
A 1 (For labor, 2-year for parts)-year warranty

NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802

A height of 25.4 inches by 13.6 wide
Room for 18 bottles
5 Removable, Chrome wire shelves

Whynter BWR-541STS

A height of 32.5 inches by 23.75 wide
Room for 54 bottles

Magic Chef BTWB530ST1

Room for 44 (for wines only, or 16 bottles plus 77 beverage cans - combination of wine and cans) bottles

Whynter BWR-462DZ

A height of 32.5 inches by 23.5 wide
Room for 46 (16 in the top zone and 30 in the bottom one) bottles


A height of 33 inches by 15.8 wide
8 Removable, Wooden shelves

Kalamera KRC-40DZB

14 Wooden, Slide-out shelves

Summit SWBV24SS

A height of 34.5 inches by 23.88 wide
Room for 21 bottles
A 1 (five years for the compressor)-year warranty

Kalamera KRC-66DZB

A height of 33.9 inches by 30.5 wide
Room for 66 bottles
14 Pull-out with door stoppers, Chrome-coated wire with wooden fronts shelves

Phiestina PH-46BD

A height of 33 inches by 23.4 wide

Summit SWBV3001

A height of 34.38 inches by 29.5 wide
A 35-bottle capacity

Thor Kitchen JC-116A2EQ

A height of 32 inches by 23.5 wide
Room for 36 bottles

Newair AWR-190SB

A height of 33.88 inches by 11.75 wide
Room for 19 bottles

EdgeStar 28-Bottle CWB2886FD

A height of 35 inches by 30 wide
A 28 (In the left zone)-bottle capacity

Avallon AWC241FD

A height of 34.5 inches by 23.9 wide
A 1 (for parts and labor, 5 for the compressor)-year warranty

Edgestar CWR5631FD

A height of 34.13 inches by 29.5 wide
Room for 56 bottles
The (rating temporarily unavailable)-star-rated EdgeStar CWR70SZ slimline wine cooler lies outside of the best under-counter wine coolers list. Like any other model, it has received its share of complaints and compliments -- all of which may explain its ranking (or lack thereof).

Many of the authors of the reviews that our system has analyzed praised this 7-bottle built-in model for -- you guessed it -- fitting nicely into narrow under-counter spaces without any problem. Its buyers greatly appreciate it for its design and ((Q))good quality materials((Q)), as well -- no surprise there, as the combo of a metal exterior and blue interior lighting appears to be a tried-and-tested formula for most wine coolers that are fighting for a space in modern kitchens. Additionally, it gets props for being quiet.

On the other hand, this under-the-counter slimline wine cooler apparently cannot accommodate longer-than-average wine bottles. Now, complaints about how thicker wine and champagne bottles have difficulty fitting in is a familiar issue with many wine coolers, but the CWR70SZ's criticisms revolve around lack of depth, instead of width. If this was an extra measure that EdgeStar has undertaken to be more compact, or if it's simply a design flaw, no one can tell. But as a 6-inch model, it certainly earns brownie points if your kitchen space is extra limited.

Even with this criticism, the EdgeStar CWR70SZ's reviews are mostly-positive. However, the fact remains that it probably would've fared better in our list without the said limitation.

EdgeStar CWR70SZ

A height of 34.38 inches by 5.88 wide
Room for 7 bottles

Wine Enthusiast 264 02 30 03

A 1 (Only the compressor, evaporator, and the condenser are covered for three years)-year warranty

Smith and Hanks RW145DR

A height of 34.25 inches by 24 wide
In general, the Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSLN has been praised for being able to do a ((Q))fine job((Q)) in cooling wine and champagne. However, not a few users have pointed out that it does tend to fluctuate a few degrees from the set temperature every now and then. This by no means impairs it from doing its job, but it may be a possible deal-breaker for wine connoisseurs who are extra-particular about their drinks' temperature who may then want to look at several other items of this list, which were specifically praised for their consistency. Additionally, there's the issue of temperature restrictions encompassing its two zones. Apparently, Allavino has set that this model's bottom zone has to be warmer by a certain temperature difference (reviewers usually report four or five degrees) than the top zone, which has disappointed buyers looking for more flexibility.

Despite this above-mentioned limitation, most of its consumers seem to be nonetheless pleased with this under-counter wine cooler, achieving a (rating temporarily unavailable) stars rating across the reviews that were surveyed and averaged out by our system. Many reviews laud it for being quiet, and the fact that two door handle types are included with each unit seem to be largelyappreciated. Even though it's marketed as a built-in model, buyers have noted that its ((Q))clean-looking((Q)) and ((Q))absolutely beautiful((Q)) design enables it to act as a freestanding unit, as well. But then again, there's the issue of closely-spaced shelves that's not uncommon in many under-the-counter wine coolers. This 24-inch model is not immune to complaints about scratched-out labels brought about by tight spaces on its middle shelves.

The Allavino VSWR56-2SSLN has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the bad points seem to have affected its chances, preventing it from bagging a spot on our best under-counter wine coolers list.

Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSLN

A 1 (5 years coverage for the compressor)-year warranty

Avallon AWC151SZRH

A height of 34.2 inches by 15 wide
Room for 27 bottles

Allavino VSWR36-2SSFN

A height of 32.75 inches by 23.5 wide
Room for 36 (three per shelf, 18 per zone) bottles
12 Metal with wood slats, Slide-out shelves

Allavino VSWB24-2SS

A 1 (The compressor system is covered for 5)-year warranty

Allavino VSWB-2SSFN

Room for 18 (three per shelf) bottles
10 (The beverage shelves have a textured surface to prevent cans from sliding) Metal with wood slats, Slide-out shelves

Whynter BWR-331SL

A height of 35 inches by 15 wide

KitchenAid KUWR304EBS

A 46 (24 bottles in zone 1, 22 bottles in zone 2)-bottle capacity
A 1 (Manufacturer offers second through fifth year limited warranty on cavity liner and sealed refrigeration system)-year warranty

Avallon 23-Bottle AWC151DZRH

Room for 23 (8 in the upper zone, 15 in the lower zone) bottles

KingsBottle KBU-28LR-SS

A height of 33.9 inches by 38.9 wide
A 30 (KingsBottle also states that the cooler can carry up to 28 bottles)-bottle capacity
A 2 (parts and labor)-year warranty

Allavino FlexCount VSWR30-2SSRN

6 Detachable, Pull-out with roller assemblies, Metal-based, Lined with curved-wooden slats, which can hold various bottle sizes shelves

EdgeStar CWBD1760FD

Room for 17 (Standard 750mL wine bottles) bottles
A 1 (Limited to parts and labor)-year warranty

Summit CL15WBV

A height of 34.5 inches by 15 wide
Room for 34 (can be a mix of wine and craft beer) capacity bottles

Vinotemp VT-46-2Z-SSDST

A height of 32.875 inches by 23.625 wide
Room for 46 (16 in the upper zone and 30 in the lower storage) bottles
A 1 (five years for the refrigeration system)-year warranty

EdgeStar CWB8420DZ

A 20 (84 beverages can fit in the top compartment)-bottle capacity

KitchenAid KUWR304ESS

A 46-bottle capacity
A 1 (5 on the sealed compressor system)-year warranty
This two-door, dual-zone wine and beverage fridge earned a (rating temporarily unavailable)-star rating across customer reviews, according to the analysis of our automatic scanning system. As a 24-inch built-in model, it claims to fit 18 wine bottles on one side and 60 beverage cans on the other. Many reviewers found this feature handy, especially the folks who prefer having their wines at a temperature different from their beers.

The majority of the customer feedback that we have read claim that the NewAir AWB-360DB does a great job at cooling their beverages and keeping the temperature stable. Its shelves are also reportedly smooth-sliding and well-designed. The common compliments go on, with much emphasis given on its stylish design and on the security locks on both doors.

On the other hand, a considerable number of buyers have expressed their grievance about this under-counter wine cooler's noise level. Many of these buyers have claimed that their units were a lot noisier than they had expected, even though the wine fridge operates under the counter. One user also made a remark saying that the AWB-360DB produces too much condensation, which lessens its attractiveness.

This Allavino contender lost its chance of being in the Top 10 best under-counter wine coolers, probably due to the aforementioned flaws. But in the end, it's just a matter of deciding whether its cons make it such a huge no-no, or if they can be excused for the sake of being able to enjoy its good points.

NewAir AWB-360DB

Room for 18 (It could also carry an additional 60 beverage cans) bottles
A 1 (in-home service and repair)-year warranty

Vinotemp VT-32TSFE-SM

A height of 33 inches by 14.50 wide

Whirlpool WUW55X24DS

A 46 (16 in the top and 30 in the bottom)-bottle capacity
Boasting a capacity of 52 bottles, this 24-inch under-counter wine cooler has been tested quite a lot by consumers. Talking about the positive feedback that it has gotten, the NewAir AWR-520SB doesn't seem to run into much trouble as far as its holding capacity is concerned, as users report to have been able to fit most types of bottles in it -- except, of course, those that considerably veer away from the usual wine bottle size and shape (like larger champagne bottles, for instance). Many people have also said that it reaches the desired temperature quickly, is easy to use, and remains fairly-quiet throughout its operation. This model proves to be a looker, as well -- seeing that many of its positive reviews (and even some of the negative ones) have raved about its stainless steel design and blue interior lighting.

On the other edge of the spectrum, several buyers have noted that this built in wine cooler tends to deviate from the set temperature by a few degrees. Now, whether this is an acceptable flaw remains to be a subjective topic. Moreover, there have been reviews which say that the shelves can be a bit difficult to work with -- although these reviews make up a minute portion of the (rating temporarily unavailable)-star NewAir AWR-520SB's total reviews.

Considering that a considerable chunk of its customer reviews are positive, the AWR-520SB certainly still has the appeal of a respectable model -- but it's got to be more than that to deserve a spot in our list of the top 10 under-counter wine coolers.

NewAir AWR-520SB

A height of 33 inches by 23.40 wide
Room for 52 bottles

EdgeStar CWBV14853

A height of 33.5 inches by 48 wide
A 53 (The beverage cooler side's capacity is 148)-bottle capacity

Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE

A height of 34.2 inches by 5.8 wide


Room for 21 (24 cans in upper zone) bottles

Sunpentown WC-31U

A height of 33.63 inches by 15 wide

Titan TT-CWC1525SZ

A 25-bottle capacity
5 Detachable, Roll-out, Wooden shelves

Vinotemp VT-46-2Z-SBB

A height of 32.88 inches by 23.63 wide

Fagor WC-46DZ

A height of 34 inches by 23.5 wide
A 1 (Limited to defects in materials and workmanship)-year warranty

Electrolux E24WC50QS

A height of 33.75 inches by 23.88 wide
A 48-bottle capacity

Avanti WCR506SS

Room for 50 (in Burgundy bottles) bottles

EdgeStar CWR531SZ

A height of 33.50 inches by 23.50 wide
A 53-bottle capacity

Vinotemp VT-36TS-SM

10 (4 in the left zone and 6 in the right zone) Removable shelves

Vinotemp VT-26SB-ID

A height of 34.4 (34.8 including leveling legs) inches by 15 wide
Room for 26 bottles

Summit SCR1841B

4 Adjustable, Slide-out, Chrome wire shelves

Summit SWC1224

A height of 34.38 inches by 11.88 wide


A height of 33 inches by 19 wide

Vinotemp VT-32SB-ID

A height of 34.38 inches by 15 wide

Vinotemp VT-54TS

A height of 33.125 inches by 23.5 wide
Room for 54 (750-ml) bottles
A 1 (five years for the compressor and other cooling parts)-year warranty

Summit SWBV3067

A 1 (compressor is covered for five years)-year warranty

Whynter Elite 17-Bottle BWR-171DS

A height of 33 inches by 12 wide
Room for 17 bottles

Amzchef JC-145A

A height of 34.1 inches by 23.5 wide

Whynter BWR-281DZ

Room for 28 (10 in the top and 18 in the bottom) bottles
The EdgeStar CWR181SZ, with its rating of (rating temporarily unavailable) stars from the reviews that our system has automatically scanned, appears to have swept most buyers off their feet. Used largely in small under-counter spaces to replace trash compactors, its 12-inch body has earned praises for being easy to carry and install.

Additionally, customers have noted that it works well and operates fairly quietly in spite of having a compression refrigeration system. Although some buyers have reported that it deviates slightly from the set temperature, they are quick to note that it's nothing that greatly hinders this under-counter wine cooler from doing its job. Many people have also complimented it for being well-designed -- its sleek physical appearance has obviously gained it a lot of fans.

On the other hand, some buyers have knocked a star off its rating because apparently, it's ((Q))a little snug((Q)) for its advertised capacity of 18 bottles. Fitting in the said number of wines is possible, but the shelves are pretty close to each other, which means that having bottles which may be longer or wider than the standard can reduce the capacity. However, the reviewers who took offense because of this said issue are greatly outnumbered by those who are satisified with the EdgeStar CWR181SZ.

This under-counter wine cooler seems to have performed well enough to earn such a promising reputation, but perhaps it needs the approval of a lot more people (at least compared to its rivals) in order for it to earn a spot in this list of the top 10 models.

EdgeStar CWR181SZ

A height of 34.25 inches by 11.625 wide

KingsBottle KBU-50D-SS 50-Bottle

A height of 33.86 inches by 23.42 wide

Whynter BWR-33SD

Room for 33 (The top shelf can house up to five bottles capacity, the second to the fifth shelf can house up to 5 bottles and the bottom shelf can house up to 3 bottles) bottles

Whynter BWR-18SD

A height of 34.5 inches by 12 wide
A 19 (In standard 750-ml wine bottles, the top shelf can accommodate up to 3 bottles (two if the humidifying tray is installed), up to three bottles in the second shelf, and up to four bottles in the bottom shelf)-bottle capacity

Danby Silhouette DBC2760BLS

A height of 34.4 inches by 24.8 wide

Vinotemp VT-58SB-ID

A height of 34.5 inches by 24 wide
A 58 (750-ml)-bottle capacity

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