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Best Model 2019*
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Even with a lower review sample, considering its overall ranking of 56%, we determined that the Avanti WBV19DZ is, as of now, Alphachooser's best Avanti wine refrigerator 2019. We also believe that our 13 reviews sampled from our sources give us a safe-enough confidence level (more on confidence levels) that justifies to call it the most interesting choice as of now.

Avg. rating
(13 reviews)   
Second Best

Because of star rating of 2.5 derived from 12 reviews, here is second best Avanti wine refrigerator. * By the way, our list is based on an in-depth aggregation of hundreds of reviews from across the web.

Avg. rating
(12 reviews)   

The two latest Avanti 16-to-18-bottle wine coolers (as of March, 2019)

The Avanti EWC18N2PD

Avanti EWC18N2PD

Avg. rating:
(49%) (12 reviews over 2 sources)

The Avanti EWC1601B 16-bottle

Avanti EWC1601B 16-bottle

Avg. rating:
(80%) (8 reviews over 2 sources)

Compact and lightweight 16-bottle thermoelectric free-standing wine cooler with an auto defrost system and a thermopane door.
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Four recent under-the-counter wine refrigerator models

The Avanti WCR506SS

Avanti WCR506SS

Avg. rating:
(63%) (8 reviews over 4 sources)

The Avanti WCR5449SS 49-bottle

Avanti WCR5449SS 49-bottle

Built-in single-zone 49-bottle ADA-compliant wine chiller with charcoal air filtration auto-defrost, and a three-year warranty.

The Avanti WCR4600S 46-bottle

Avanti WCR4600S 46-bottle

46-bottle single-zone built-in wine cooler that seems to focus on security (door-ajar and filter-replacement alarms, control panel lock, etc) along with a vacation power-economy mode.

The Avanti WCR5403SS 54-bottle

Avanti WCR5403SS 54-bottle

Stylish built-in 54-bottle wine refrigerator with a mirror door, soft-touch controls and all-wood shelves.
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Four Avanti

The Avanti WBV19DZ

Avanti WBV19DZ

Avg. rating:
(56%) (13 reviews over 2 sources)

The Avanti 90-Bottle WCR9000S

Avanti 90-Bottle WCR9000S

90-bottle wine cellar with an inclined shelf to show your best bottles, a special shelf for Burgundy wine and a slew of safety features.

The Avanti WC55SSR 52-Bottle

Avanti WC55SSR 52-Bottle

Avg. rating:
(66%) (3 reviews)

A practical 52-bottle wine cooler that stores different wines in one temperature zone with a range of 39-61F.

And other models...

The Avanti WCR682SS 160-bottle

Avanti WCR682SS 160-bottle

Single-zone free-standing 160-bottle wine cellar that has shelves designed for specific bottles (6 for Burgundy, 8 for standard and 1 for small standard), along with a charcoal filtration system and a temperature mode option.

The Avanti EWC1201 12-bottle

Avanti EWC1201 12-bottle

Narrow and lightweight 12-bottle wine cooler that can hold four open wine bottles.

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