The Top 3 Best KingsBottle Wine Coolers (As Of September 2020)

Here are the top 3 KingsBottle wine coolers followed by a list of their latest models:

The four latest KingsBottle wine and beverage fridges (as of September, 2020)

The KingsBottle KBU-100COMBO-BW3

KingsBottle KBU-100COMBO-BW3

Avg. rating:
(36%) (5 reviews)

The KingsBottle KBU170BW3-SS

KingsBottle KBU170BW3-SS

Avg. rating:
(36%) (5 reviews)

The KingsBottle KBU50BW3-SS

KingsBottle KBU50BW3-SS

Avg. rating:
(36%) (5 reviews)

The KingsBottle KBU-28LR-SS

KingsBottle KBU-28LR-SS

Avg. rating:
(60%) (9 reviews)

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Four recent tall wine refrigerator models

The KingsBottle KBU-170COMBO-BW2

KingsBottle KBU-170COMBO-BW2

Avg. rating:
(36%) (5 reviews)

The KingsBottle KBU-100S-SS PRO 100-Bottle

KingsBottle KBU-100S-SS PRO 100-Bottle

Avg. rating:
(90%) (4 reviews)

A tall single-zone wine cooler that stores up to 100 wine bottles in a single temperature zone (41-64F) with two presentation shelves at the top.

The KingsBottle KBU-170D-SS 170 Bottle

KingsBottle KBU-170D-SS 170 Bottle

Avg. rating:
(36%) (25 reviews over 2 sources)

170-bottle mammoth dual-zone wine refrigerator promising to run quietly on a compressor-based fan-circulated cooling system.
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Three KingsBottle dual-zone undercounter wine coolers

The KingsBottle KBU50DX-SS RHH

KingsBottle KBU50DX-SS RHH

Avg. rating:
(40%) (11 reviews)

The KingsBottle KBU50BW2-SS

KingsBottle KBU50BW2-SS

Avg. rating:
(36%) (5 reviews)

The KingsBottle KBU-50D-SS 50-Bottle

KingsBottle KBU-50D-SS 50-Bottle

Avg. rating:
(69%) (37 reviews over 2 sources)

A 50-bottle wine cooler with two temperature zones, a lock with two keys and a fan-circulated compressor cooling system.
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