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List of the latest Tresanti wine coolers in the order in which they were added to our database (To compare any of the 9 models, just click their Add to compare button):

The nine latest Tresanti wine refrigerator furniture cabinets (as of September, 2020)

The Tresanti Wesleyan TS-EC6439RW22-C247

Tresanti Wesleyan TS-EC6439RW22-C247

A contemporary-looking 18-bottle dual-zone wine cooler with a top cabinet, a pull-out granite work surface, and an extra drawer.

The Tresanti Cortina DC995E451-1819

Tresanti Cortina DC995E451-1819

An 18-bottle dual-zone thermoelectric wine refrigerator with bar counter features like the drawer-type work surface, glass countertop, and stemware rack.

The Tresanti Cabernet DC9416C275-1818

Tresanti Cabernet DC9416C275-1818

A contemporary furniture-type wine cabinet and cooler with a 12-bottle lower zone, a 6-bottle upper zone, and an extra 6-bottle side storage, featuring a thermoelectric technology developed by Tresanti to be quiet and vibration-free.

The Tresanti Madison DC997C240-2424 24-bottle

Tresanti Madison DC997C240-2424 24-bottle

Avg. rating:
(86%) (14 reviews)

A 24-bottle wine cabinet equipped with the thermoelectric cooling technology (which Tresanti boasts as whisper-quiet) and two temperature zones.

The Tresanti Avalon DC1170C253-1827

Tresanti Avalon DC1170C253-1827

Avg. rating:
(75%) (3 reviews over 2 sources)

An 18-bottle dual-zone furniture-style wine cooler that sports a different look with its fluted column corners and features a sliding work surface covering the drawer.

The Tresanti Pinot DC2344C650-2425 24-Bottle

Tresanti Pinot DC2344C650-2425 24-Bottle

A 24-bottle dual-zone furniture wine refrigerator with a rare feature: a granite work top, mirror, and stemware rack.

The Tresanti Rutherford DC387C233-3641 36-Bottle

Tresanti Rutherford DC387C233-3641 36-Bottle

Avg. rating:
(60%) (10 reviews)

A 36-bottle thermoelectric wine cabinet that can cool down to 20F less than the room temperature and conceals a rather unique mirrored stemware rack area.

The Tresanti Avalon DC1170C253-1827 18-Bottle

Tresanti Avalon DC1170C253-1827 18-Bottle

Avg. rating:
(62%) (2 reviews)

An 18-bottle thermoelectric dual-zone cooling unit that has been designed to look like a normal furniture.
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