26 Important Pulse-Bac Model 1050 Shop Vacuum Specs

tank capacity
Max. Air flow
Main sub-categoryShop vacuum
Dimensions39 x 23 x 21

Performance Features
Capacity (quarts)80.0 quart(s)
Capacity (ounces)2559.96 ounce(s)
Under The Hood
Air flow170CFM (4.81 cubic metre/min.)
Sealed pressure87
Amps12 A
Voltage110v/220v V
Air watts450
Special Included Accessories
  • Set of 3 Filters
  • aluminum Wand
  • 25ft X 2in Static Conductive Hose
  • 25ft X 2in Hose
  • accessory kit (crevice tool,assorted nozzles)
  • bags for 1000 bagger unit
Claimed qualitiesFilters that last up to 4 months
Warranty1 year
Tank capacity20 gallons (Equivalent to 75.71L or 80.0qt.)
Hose diameter2 " (5.08cm)
Included filters3 HEPA H-13-rated filters
Physical Features
Width (inches)23
Height (inches)39
Depth (inches)21
Width (mm)584.2
Height (mm)990.6
Depth (mm)533.4
Power cord length25 feet
HEPA filter
Other Specs
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"It's all about the filter" seems to be the mantra behind the Pulse-Bac 1050(and all the Pulse-Bac family of shop vacuums) as efficiency and maintenance of its HEPA-equipped filtration system are the raison d'?tre of their features. The highlight is the Automatic Self-Cleaning Vacuum Control, which utilizes an electronically regulated pressure valve to take in the surrounding air through a separate port and vent it downwards through the filters in short, strong bursts against the normal air flow during vacuum operation; in order to flush out stubborn dirt and help prevent clogging. It creates a cyclonic air-flow effect to catch debris (standard in cyclonic vacuums) and the filters are made of industrial-grade spun bond polyester material commonly used to separate particulate matter. The warranty is only a year.

Also known as: Pulse-Bac PB-1050, Pulse-Bac PB-1050H (with HEPA-certified dual filtration system).

General Pulse-Bac Model 1050 Information


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