Most-complete iRobot Roomba i7+ vacuum Specs

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Vacuum Specs
Dust collectionBagless system via dust bin
Intake Height? (variable via auto-adjust cleaning head)
Wash surfacesHard floors, Carpets
Included attachments2 dirt disposal bags 1 extra high-efficiency filter 1 extra side brush
Brush featuresMulti-surface dual rubber brushes
Safety featuresAnti-fall, Anti-collision
Robotic featuresAutomatic charging, Auto-adjust cleaning head, Dirt Detect (automatically detects and focuses on dirty high traffic floor areas), One-touch automatic cleaning, Smart navigation

Physical Specs
Width (inches)13.34in.
Height (inches)3.63in.
Depth (inches)13.34in.
Width (mm)338.8 mm
Height (mm)92.2 mm
Depth (mm)338.8 mm
Weight lbs with package23.3
Battery Specs
BatteryLithium Ion
Other Specs & Features
Self-emptying features (good enough for 30 dust bins)
Sub-categoryRobot, self-emptying
Claimed qualitiesIRobot claims that this vacuum has ten times more suction than Roomba 600 series AeroVac systems. They also claim that their high efficiency filter captures 99% of particulates such as pollen, mold, and dust mites.
SpecialAutomatic Dirt Disposal (a 12.2(") x 15.1(") x 19(") unit that automatically empties the vacuum(')s dirt bin), Imprint Smart Mapping technology, iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology
Air filter details3-stage cleaning system
ApplicationIRobot Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Release year2018
Release month11
Release day04
Special Included AccessoriesClean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, North American line cord, Dual Mode Virtual Wall barrier
Available colorsBlack


Also known as iRobot i755020, iRobot Roomba 7550, iRobot Roomba 7150, iRobot Roomba i7 (Unbundled version without the clean base automatic dirt disposal charge base).

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