46 Important iView B07614CZYN vacuum Specs

tank capacity
Solution Tank
The B07614CZYN is the only iView vacuum we have on file.
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Vacuum Specs
Dust collectionDust tank
Wash surfaces
  • Tile
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate flooring
  • Short carpet
Included attachments
  • Water tank
  • Dust box
  • Mop pad
Safety features
  • Anti-drop sensor
  • Anti-collision sensor

Dirty Storage Capacity0.16 gal. (1.3 pints)
Dirty Storage Capacity (oz.)20.29 oz.
Capacity (liters)0.6 liter(s)
Capacity (cups)2.5cup
Preset programsAuto-cleaner mode
Clean water capacity (gallons)0.08
Clean water capacity (liters)0.3
Clean water capacity (quarts)0.3
Clean water capacity (ounces)10.14
Clean water capacity (cups)1.3
Max. noise level50dB (decibels)
Physical Specs
Width (inches)12.6in.
Height (inches)3.46in.
Depth (inches)12.6in.
Width (mm)320 mm
Height (mm)87.9 mm
Depth (mm)320 mm
Weight lbs with package12.4
Propulsion & Navigation
Motor voltage14.8 V
Horsepower0.03 HP (22 motor watts)
Battery Specs
Battery Power2600mAh
Battery charging time180 minutes (three to four hours)
Battery life (hours)2
Other Specs & Features
Sub-categoryRobot, wet mopping, pet
Optional AccessoriesIView smart speaker (It relays the voice commands of the user to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
Warranty1 year
Claimed qualities
  • IView states that the robot vacuum can clean 200 square meters of space in one charge
  • iView promises that hair will not get tangled at the brush
SpecialDC 19V 0.9A input
UPC code880010013647
Button typeOne-touch start
ApplicationUsers can control the robot using their phones with the iView iHome app (iPhone or Android)
Remote control
Wi-FiWiFi (only compatible with 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi)
Release year2018
Release month05
Release day22
Release quarter02
Special Included Accessories
  • Auto-charging station and power adapter
  • Brush for cleaning the robot
Available colorsKhaki
Programmable start time (scheduled cleaning)


Also called iView Smart Vacuum with Floor Mopping, iView 2-in-1 Smart Vacuum.

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