Most-complete Madoats B07B4BKHGD A/C Specs

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The B07B4BKHGD is the only Madoats air conditioner we have on file.
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Main categoryEvaporative air cooler
Width x Height5.69-inch wide x 9.54-inch high
Depth3.93 inches
Width (mm)144.5
Height (mm)242.3
Depth (mm)99.8
Cooling systemUses cold water with ice

Air deflection2 (It can be adjusted 120-degree upward or downward)
Air fan speeds3
Voltage24 (DC 24V power supply)
Watts18 W
Max. noise level58
Other Specs & Features
Release year2018
Special Included AccessoriesDC adapter
Available colorsBlue
Power cord length4 feet
  • Since this air cooler is supposed to be used as an over-the-desk cooler, it is equipped with a drip tray below the air outlet
  • A 420ml tank stores water, ice, and oil (that will be used for cooling and humidifying air)
  • It takes two to five hours to empty the tank


Also called Madoats Mini Portable Air Conditioner.

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