Most-complete Baby Bullet Blender Specs

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The Baby Bullet is the only Baby Bullet blender we cover.
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Main categoryBaby food blender
Special Included Accessories
  • One milling blade
  • six datable storage cups
  • one blend blade
  • one short cup
  • one batch bowl
  • six stay-fresh lids
  • one silicon batch tray
  • one tip-proof tray
  • one spatula
Preset programsPulse

Warranty1 year (can be extended up to 4)
Claimed qualitiesIt achieves the perfect consistency every time it makes baby food


This highly-advertised baby food blender comes with a batch bowl for big batches, a small cup for small batches, six date-dial storage cups with resealable spill-proof lids, two kinds of blades (a blending and milling blade), two kinds of trays (a batch tray and a tip-proof tray), and a spatula.

Also known as Baby Bullet Baby Care System.

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