Detailed Rand McNally TND 530 LM trucker GPS Specs

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Main categoryTrucker GPS
Release year2014
Release month08
Release quarter03
Sequel toRand McNally 525 LM

GPS & Other Connectivity
Wi-Fi (It is needed to access weather, fuel prices and local search information)
Display Specs
Display Size5in.
Main Features
Special Included Accessories
  • Windshield mount with suction cup
  • Quick start guide
  • USB cable
Claimed qualititesContains 35 percent more truck routing information than other GPS units
Warranty1 year
Target clienteleTruckers
3-D terrain view
Custom POIs (Depending on amenities available)
Exit services (Quick exit view)
Free lifetime map updates
Fuel-efficient routes
Fuel price updates
Junction view
Lane assist
Route avoidances
Speed limit indicator
Customizable truck routes
Number of points of interest? (They say Millions)
Countries coveredUSA and Canada
Fuel log
Other Specs & Features
Optional Accessories
  • Anti-glare screen protector
  • Sun shade
  • Hard case
  • Back-up camera
Weight (ounces)11.68 oz.
Weight (grams)331.1
Width (inches)5.25
Height (inches)3.5
Depth (inches)0.8125
Width (mm)133.4
Height (mm)88.9
Depth (mm)20.6
Mileage log and reporting
POIs Along Route
  • Accommodates a "Bread-crumb" trails feature that records and displays the paths, the user already went to
  • Allows the user to set the warning distance
  • An optional Traffic Everywhere feature can be purchased to obtain traffic information even in rural areas
  • Collects feedback through driver events and allows talking to full-time truckers on the road
  • Encompasses a quick planner that calculates the mileage and profitability between any two towns or cities
  • Has a "Am I Close?" feature, which shows dynamic street address information as the users approach their destinations
  • Mile markers that let users mark important locations along the route, on or off roads
  • References some of Rand McNally’s printed Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas
  • Shows major construction project updates along the user's route
  • Toll cost information
  • Has an accessible key metrics of sunrise and sunset time, trip progress and yard time using multiple odometers
GPS mount typeCup-suction


Basically the same as the 5-inch TND 525 GPS except it carries three new specs: Wi-Fi capability (this allows for live updates on weather, fuel prices and local search information), lifetime free map updates for USA and Canada, and it could now be connected to a back-up camera .

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