43 Important Ecoseb DD122EA Classic Dehumidifier Specs

Min. Noise
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Dehumidifier Specs
Preset programsThe Eco E7 automatically changes between the standby, economy, and full power modes, by monitoring the ambient temperature and humidity levels, to save energy
Bucket capacity0.53 gal. (4.2 pints)
Auto shut-off (Bucket full)
Bucket features
  • Removable
  • Has its own handle
  • Water-level indicator
Continuous-drainage detailsCondensate drain hose connector
Hose Length3.28 feet
Portability systemCarrying handle
Tank capacity in ounces67.63 oz.
Capacity (liters)2.0 liter(s)
Capacity (quarts)2.1 quart(s)
Vent controlControl button
On-off timer8 hour(s) (Users can choose from two, four, or eight hours)
Clean air ionizer

Minimum humidity level40 % (The lowest full-power mode can achieve)
Maximum humidity level60 % (This is the highest humidity the economy mode can attain)
Dehumidifaction (Pints)15pints per day (at 68 degrees F and 60-percent relative humidity)
Dehumidifaction (L)7.10L per day
Voltage110 to 120 (60Hz)
Dehumidification systemDesiccant
Air fan speeds2
Min. noise level33 (decibels)
Dehumidification (oz/Day)240.00
Included filtersSilver filter
Air discharge typeTop (The louvres can be set to three different positions)
Auto restart
Control LocationTop
Available colorsWhite
Warranty2 years
Physical Features
Release year2014
Release month09
Release day12
Release quarter03
Dimensions (inches)11.4(Width) x 18.7 (Height) x 6.9 (D)in.
Dimensions (mm)289.6 (Width) x 475 (Height) x 175.3 (D) mm
Weight lbs with package15.4
Other Specs & Features
Indicator lights (Tank full, Timer, Mode, Louvre setting, Check the dehumidifier)
User manualClick here
Minimum operating temperature34 °F
Maximum operating temperature95 °F
Claimed qualitiesEco E7 reduces the operation cost by 40 percent
SpecialBuilt-in heater (It aims to dry laundry faster)
Air filter details
  • Slide-out
  • Reusable filter


Also called Ecoseb 15-Pint Classic Dehumidifier.

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