Most-detailed Hysure B075YWGWB5 Dehumidifier Specs

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The B075YWGWB5 is the only Hysure dehumidifier we cover.
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Dehumidifier Specs
Main categoryPeltier dehumidifier
Bucket capacity0.53 gal. (4.2 pints)
Auto shut-off (when the tank is full)
Bucket features
  • Removable
  • Transparent
Portability systemCarrying handle
Tank capacity in ounces67.63 oz.
Capacity (liters)2 liter(s)
Capacity (quarts)2.1 quart(s)

Minimum humidity level60 %
Dehumidifaction (Pints)1.59pints per day
Dehumidifaction (L)0.75L per day (in 86 degrees F and 80-percent relative humidity environments)
Coverage area (2D)269 square feet (83.0 m2)
Coverage area (3D)2200 ft3 (678.5 m3)
Voltage100 to 240
Dehumidification systemThermoelectric (Peltier)
Max. noise level35 db/dbA
Dehumidification (oz/Day)25.36
Dehumidification area (cubic meters)678.5
Air discharge typeSide
Control LocationTop
Included AccessoriesPower cord
Available colorsWhite (Only the bucket is blue)
Eco featuresHas no chemical substances
Warranty2 years (Hysure both states that the dehumidifier comes with a 30-day and a 60-day money-back or exchange periods)
Physical Features
Release year2018
Release month01
Release day13
Release quarter01
Dimensions (inches)9(Width) x 14.6 (Height) x 5.9 (D)in.
Dimensions (mm)228.6 (Width) x 370.8 (Height) x 149.9 (D) mm
FinishABS plastic
Other Specs & Features
Minimum operating temperature20 °C
Air filter details
  • Washable
  • Slide-out
Button typePhysical


Also known as Hysure 2L Mini Thermoelectric Dehumidifier.

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