Complete OXA SMART HG0170 Dehumidifier Specs

Tank Capacity
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The HG0170 is the only OXA SMART dehumidifier we have on file.
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Dehumidifier Specs
Main categoryPeltier dehumidifier
Preset programs
  • Sleep mode
  • Daytime mode (standard)
Bucket capacity0.18 gal. (1.5 pints)
Auto shut-off
Bucket features
  • Removable
  • Transparent
  • Sports a pulling handle
Tank capacity in ounces23.67 oz.
Capacity (liters)0.7 liter(s)
Capacity (quarts)0.7 quart(s)

Dehumidifaction (Pints)0.63pints per day
Dehumidifaction (L)0.3L per day (This was measured on ambient conditions of 86 degrees F and 80-percent relative humidity. The value may fluctuate by 50ml depending on the air quality and temperature)
Dehumidification systemThermoelectric (Peltier)
Max. noise level35 db/dbA
Min. noise level15 db/dbA
Dehumidification (oz/Day)10.14
Air discharge typeRear
Control LocationTop
Available colorsWhite
Eco features
  • Does not use chemical substances
  • Equipped with the Patented Energy Recycle System, although we could not find what it does
Warranty2 years
Feet featuresRubber-tipped
Physical Features
Release year2017
Release month10
Release day15
Release quarter04
Dimensions (inches)7.1(Width) x 7.1 (Height) x 5.9 (D)in.
Dimensions (mm)180.3 (Width) x 180.3 (Height) x 149.9 (D) mm
Weight lbs with package3.3
Other Specs & Features
Indicator lights (bucket full, dehumidifying)
Button typePhysical


Also called OXA SMART 700ml Mini Quiet Dehumidifier, OXA SMART Electric Quiet Basement Dehumidifier.

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