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Dehumidifier Specs
Main category30-pint dehumidifier
Preset programsMyHome mode (A technology that is trying to be patented that allows the dehumidifier to have preset settings for different places, such as basement, living space and sleeping space)
Display TypeDigital
Display detailsHumidity levels
Bucket capacity1.06 gal. (8.5 pints)
Auto shut-off (Tank full)
Bucket featuresRemovable and part-transparent for easy water level checking
Continuous-drainage detailsCan be linked to a standard garden hose
DehumidistatAdjustable (In incrememts of 5)
Portability systemRemovable caster
Tank capacity in ounces135.25 oz.
Capacity (liters)4.0 liter(s)
Capacity (quarts)4.2 quart(s)
Defrost systemAutomatic
On-off timer24 hour(s) (Up to 24 hours in increments of 0.5 hours for the first 10 hours and in increments of 1 hour after exceeding)

Minimum humidity level35 %
Maximum humidity level80 %
Dehumidifaction (Pints)30pints per day
Dehumidifaction (L)14.20L per day
Air flow147CFM (4.16 cubic metre/min.) (147 CFM at high fan speed, 130 CFM at medium fan speed, 112 CFM at low fan speed)
Voltage115 (60Hz)
Power plug typeGrounded
Dehumidification systemCompressor refrigeration
Air fan speeds3
Max. noise level53 (decibels) (Could either be 53, 51 or 49 dB(A) depending on whether the air fan speed is high, medium or low respectively)
Dehumidification (oz/Day)480.00
Air discharge typeSide (Right only)
Auto restart
Control LocationTop
Available colorsWhite
Warranty1 year (For materials and workmanship specified in its operation instruction)
Eco features
Efficiency Energy Factor1.85
Physical Features
Release year2016
Release month12
Release quarter04
Dimensions (inches)13.375(Width) x 19.5 (Height) x 10 (D)in.
Dimensions (mm)339.7 (Width) x 495.3 (Height) x 254 (D) mm
Weight lbs with package34
Other Specs & Features
Indicator lights (Bucket full, Child lock, Fan speed, MyHome mode, Timer, Clean filter)
User manualClick here
Minimum operating temperature41 °F
Security featuresIncorporates a child lock feature that prevents accidental changes in the settings
Air filter detailsWashable and reusable
CertificationsEnergy star


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