Snow Blower Eliminator 2019

There are more than 61 snow blowers in our database. Answer the following 8 questions and let us find your 5 best snow blowers. Start right here with the first question:

Question #1: Single-stage or two-stage?

Two-stage snow blowers have a separate impeller dedicated to pushing snow through the chute while single-stage snow thrower chew and throw snow with a single auger. They tend to be a better fit for smaller driveways or low-snow areas.

In a substantial snow bank, two-stage blowers will almost always outperform single stage models. Also, according to Consumer Reports, single-stage models are not a good choice for gravel driveways, because they could throw stones. However, if your needs are minimal and you don't mind if the job takes longer to achieve, single-stage models may be fine for you.

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Let's try both single and two-stage for now
304 snow blowers will remain.
Only two-stage throwers please!
147 snow blowers will remain.

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