Compare the Latest 13 MTD Snow Blowers 2020

List of the latest MTD snow blowers in the order in which they were added to our database (To compare any of the 13 models, just click their Add to compare button):

The two latest MTD 3-stage snow blowers (as of July, 2020)

The MTD Gold 31AH55K7504

MTD Gold 31AH55K7504

Avg. rating:
(92%) (12 reviews)

The MTD Gold 31AH54K6504

MTD Gold 31AH54K6504

A heavy-duty snow thrower featuring a three-stage blower, harnessing energy from its 277cc Powermore OHV gasoline engine with a 5-quart fuel tank capacity, handling snow up to 21 inches deep 24 inches wide on each pass, and gripping surfaces with its 15 x 5-inch wheels with X-Trac treads.
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Three recent 24-inch snow blower models

The MTD Gold 31AM63KE504

MTD Gold 31AM63KE504

Avg. rating:
(92%) (12 reviews)

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Four MTD self-propelled snow blowers

The MTD Gold 28 31AH74KG504

MTD Gold 28 31AH74KG504

Avg. rating:
(92%) (12 reviews)

A track-equipped snow blower capable of wading through snow up to 28-inche wide and 21-inche deep, getting its energy from a Powermore 277cc OHV gasoline engine with a 4.7L fuel capacity, and trudging along with six forward speeds and two reverse speeds.

The Yard-Man 31AH55LH501

Yard-Man 31AH55LH501

Simple snow blower with a 357cc winterized engine and 4-way chute control.

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Three models

The MTD Gold 31AS2T5E504

MTD Gold 31AS2T5E504

Avg. rating:
(92%) (12 reviews)

The MTD 31A-050-706 14-inch

MTD 31A-050-706 14-inch

Avg. rating:
(68%) (42 reviews)

Snow-shovel class, but with a small chute like bigger snow throwers and a 9.5-inch intake height.

The MTD 14-inch 31A-050-706

MTD 14-inch 31A-050-706

11-Amp electric snow thrower with a 1-inch intake.

And other models...

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