The Latest Conveyor Toasters 2020

Alphachooser's list of the newest conveyor toasters includes only toasters that obey to these criteria:

  • Conveyor toaster usually toast by belt speed rather than heater intensity, or a combination of both
  • Some conveyor toasters can toast bagels by adjusting the browning level of both top and bottom elements
  • Other models are designed specifically for buns.

The List:


Belleco JT2H

  • Cool-touch Housing
  • Stainless Steel
  • 1.5in Or More Slots

More conveyor toasters, sorted by the latest model first:

Hatco TQ-400 Commercial Conveyor Toaster

  • Top controls
  • Fast 1800 Watts
The (rating temporarily unavailable)-star Waring Commercial CTS1000B Heavy-Duty Conveyor Toaster boasts being able to bust out 1000 slices of bread per hour. Reviewers who are usually restaurant-owners seem to be satisfied with how quick and efficient this toaster operates, but they also pointed out other pros.

For one, the opening on this restaurant grade toaster has been described to be of good size. Apart from that, it's reportedly easy to achieve an even level of browning, and the controls are apparently easy to operate and the settings simple to adjust. At 2700 watts (or 1350 watts per slice), it's not a surprise that consumers generally agree that this toaster is more then powerful enough for their commercial needs. On top of that, its heavy-duty brushed stainless steel finish appeals to customers and gives the impression of a well-built and solid toaster.

While it's generally-regarded as a relatively-affordable conveyor toaster, it does require a 208-volt line, which can cost extra bucks to install. Another potential setback that we've encountered is that this Waring toaster apparently takes some getting used to in terms of figuring out the perfect settings for each specific type of bread. One or two reviewers even reported ending up with utterly-burnt bread during the first few trials . Note, however, that with each product comes with it an adjustment stage. Fortunately, it appears as if this conveyor commercial toaster can produce consistent results once this said hurdle has been conquered.


Waring Commercial CTS1000B Heavy-Duty Conveyor

  • Cool-touch Housing
  • Stainless Steel

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