Complete Midea ADC3203DWW Dishwasher Specs

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Noise Level
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The ADC3203DWW is the only Midea dishwasher we have on file.
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Key Specs
Max. noise level (decibels)53dB
Number of place settings6

ENERGY STAR rating220KWh/year ($27 per year)
Dishwashing System
Wash ArmsLower
DispenserDetergent and Rinse Aid
Drying featuresResidual Dry
Control Panel
Control panel featuresDelay Start, Start/Cancel, Program
Button typeElectronic
Preset programsSix wash cycles (unspecified)
Programmable start time (Up to 24 hours)
Lower Rack detailsFoldable
Rack ColorWhite, Grey
Physical Specs
Inlet hose length59in.
Available colorsWhite
Maximum Height (inches)19.7
Width (inches)21.7
Depth (inches)17.2
Width (mm)551.2
Depth (mm)436.9
Tub materialStainless steel
Other Specs & Features
Main categoryCountertop dishwasher
Approval certificatesCSA, DOE
Release month8
Release year2014
Indicator lights


The Midea ADC3203DWW is likely to consume more energy with its $27 annual power cost, which is high when compared to similar counter models -- this probably explains why it does not seem to qualify for an Energy Star label, and it will probably not bag the silent-washing award with its 53-dB sound rating -- we have noticed that the more "quiet" counter dishwashers usally get a 50 dB-score. Also, it lets you program your wash time with its up-to-24-hour delay start option, a more-advanced feature that is not commonly offered by dishwashers in the countertop category.

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