Compare the Latest 8 Electrolux Dishwashers 2020

List of the latest Electrolux dishwashers in the order in which they were added to our database (To compare any of the 8 models, just click their Add to compare button):

The three latest Electrolux quiet dishwashers (as of September, 2020)

The Electrolux EI24ID81SS

Electrolux EI24ID81SS

Avg. rating:
(20%) (2 reviews)

The Electrolux E24ID74QPS

Electrolux E24ID74QPS

Tagged with a decent 43-dBA noise rating, the SatelliteSpray arm-equipped Electrolux E24ID74QPS dishwasher's 30-minute Fast Wash option and interior LED lights seem to be its most notable features.

The Electrolux EW24ID80QS

Electrolux EW24ID80QS

Avg. rating:
(50%) (4 reviews)

While we cannot determine exactly how many place settings it has, the Electrolux EW24ID80QS dishwasher seems fixated on stemmed glasses (as evidenced by its lofty 20 stemware holders) and sports a floor projector for the remaining cycle time.
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Two recent dishwasher models

The Electrolux EI24ID50QS

Electrolux EI24ID50QS

Avg. rating:
(56%) (29 reviews)

While its ProClean wash system and SmartSoil sensor seem to focus on serious dish-cleaning, the Electrolux EI24ID50QS also boasts its 47-dB noise rating and its beam-on-floor indicator light.

The Electrolux EI24ID30QS

Electrolux EI24ID30QS

Avg. rating:
(62%) (14 reviews)

With an average 49-dBA noise rating, the Electrolux EI24ID30QS dishwasher parades advanced features, like satellite water spraying and the increasingly-popular light beam cycle alert, but we could not find out exactly how many dishes it can hold.

And other models...

The Electrolux EI24CD35RS

Electrolux EI24CD35RS

The load-sensor-equipped Electrolux EI24CD35RS dishwasher sticks up its SatelliteSpray wash arm to draw some attention, but it also pulls up a cluster of relatively-ordinary features, such as a 30-minute fast-wash cycle, a 49-dBA noise value, and a 3rd rack for accommodating utensils and ramekins.

The Electrolux EW24ID70QT 24-inch

Electrolux EW24ID70QT 24-inch

Wood-panel-like Electrolux's built-in dishwasher sporting top-mounted controls and a floor-projected status indicator, nine cycle options and a stainless steel tall tub to accommodate more items.

The Electrolux EIDW1805KS

Electrolux EIDW1805KS

With a Smart Soil sensor, the Electrolux EIDW1805KS appears to pack a high-end feature into its compact size -- but its 56 dB-rating and lack of capacity details must not be overlooked.

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