The Best Drawer Dishwasher And 16 Other Models As Of May, 2019

Alphachooser's list of the newest drawer dishwashers includes only dishwashers that obey to these criteria:

  • This list of drawer dishwashers (most of which are DishDrawers by Fisher & Paykel) focuses on dishwashers that fit under the counter, just like a drawer.
  • Some are panel-ready drawer dishwashers, making it possible to fit them with panels matching you kitchen cabinets.

The List:

Best Model 2019
* How do we know? Here is how we rank items...

Even with a lower review count, considering its aggregate ranking of 82%, we determined that the Fisher and Paykel DD24DCTW7 is currently Alphachooser's best drawer dishwasher 2019. We also believe that our 21 reviews sampled from our sources give us a safe-enough confidence level (more on confidence levels) that justifies to call it the most interesting choice as of now.

Average rating:
(82%) (21 reviews)   

With its star rating of 4 computed from 21 reviews, here is what we consider second best drawer dishwasher. * By the way, our list is based on an in-depth analysis of hundreds of drawer dishwasher reviews from around the web.

The DD24DAX9 boasts an EZKleen stainless steel variant which, from the name itself, promises easier upkeep.

Special features: End of cycle beeps, SmartDrive technology
Max noise level: ? (Fisher and Paykel gives 45dBA for the top drawer while on the delicate cycle)

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The 151 kWh/year Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9 dishwasher banks on specs like SmartDrive technology for durability, and a 45dBA noise rating (although take note that this sound level is for the delicate cycle only) to attract customers.

Special features: End of cycle beeps
Max noise level: ? (Fisher and Paykel gives 45dBA while on the delicate cycle)

Average rating:
(58%) (8 reviews)   

The Fisher Paykel DD24SCTX9 offers five wash programs (Delicate, Heavy, Medium, Normal eco, Fast) and three wash modifiers (Extra Dry, Quick, Sanitize), while yearning for a good impression with its 44dBA noise rating -- one of the quietest specs we've found, especially for a smaller dishwasher such as this one.

Max noise level: 44

The DD24DCT operates its two drawers independently, which equates to higher flexibility for users.

The DD24DCHTX9 washes a true half-load, as it features drawers that can operate independently regardless of the load size.

Special features: Electronic fault/diagnostic indicator, End-of-cycle beeps
Max noise level: 44 dBa

Average rating:
(94%) (6 reviews over 2 sources)   

The DD24DTI7 is a panel-ready DishDrawer (also known as the DD24DHTI7 model) with an increased top drawer height, a flow-through detergent dispenser, and a wireless remote for lock and operation control.

Special features: Wireless remote

The DD60DCX7 is claimed to let you operate both drawers independently with varied wash settings.

The DD60SCX7 is a mid-range single-drawer DishDrawer with the SmartDrive wash system, a 134kWh per year usage rating, and child- and key-lock safety features.

The DD60DI7 is a dual-drawer dishwasher with independent cycles, the SmartDrive wash feature and its adaptative rotation, 3-stage flood protection and 9 wash cycles.

The DD90SDFTX2 is a mid-range 35.23-inch single-drawer dishwasher, which washes using the SmartDrive system, and has nine place settings and a 197kWh per year energy consumption rating.

The DD60DDFX7 is a high-end dishwasher with two independent drawers, which uses the SmartDrive wash function, has flood-protection and child-proof features, and nine wash cycles.

Average rating:
(68%) (7 reviews)   

The DD60SI7 appears to come with a wireless remote, which looks to be a rare accessory for most mid-range dishwashers.

Special features: Wireless Remote

Average rating:
(62%) (4 reviews)   

The DD24SVT7 gives you nine different wash cycles for dealing with various loads, including four Eco options (with a reduced washing time).

Average rating:
(80%) (5 reviews)   

The DD24DVT7 goes for a sleek look with its brushed stainless-steel finish (a panel-ready version is also available if you want a more consistent-looking kitchen).

Average rating:
(59%) (20 reviews over 2 sources)   

The Fisher Paykel DD24DDFTX7 adds to its double-drawer form a flow-through detergent dispenser -- designed to dissolve the detergent better prior to coming into contact with dishes -- although specs like the rather-average 14 place settings and 53dBA noise rating don't help it stand out against other dishwashers.

Max noise level: 53

Average rating:
(68%) (7 reviews)   

The JDD4000AWS faces the crowd with a Euro-style stainless exterior, which looks to have a more homey vibe compared to the usual polished stainless-steel finish.

Special features: Sabbath Mode
Max noise level: 56dBA


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