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List of the latest Miele dishwashers in the order in which they were added to our database (To compare any of the 20 models, just click their Add to compare button):

The 12 latest Miele panel-ready dishwashers (as of September, 2020)

The Miele G 6505 SCi AM

Miele G 6505 SCi AM

The Miele G 6505 SCi AM dishwasher maintains a high-end wardrobe, which consists of a hot water connection, a 40-dBA-valued Extra Quiet cycle, a door that automatically opens after the cycle has finished, and ten preset programs, which include a Maintenance cycle for clearing the tub.

The Miele G 6595 SCVi K2O AM

Miele G 6595 SCVi K2O AM

Taking on fairly-silent-washing with its 40-dBA-valued Extra Quiet wash program, the Miele G 6595 SCVi K2O AM dishwasher crosses the high-end border, backpacking a knock-triggered door-opening feature, an option to set cycle delays by start or finish time, and a hot water connection which, from what we understand, washes without additional heating.

The Miele G 4975 Vi

Miele G 4975 Vi

The Miele G 4975 Vi dishwasher keeps its high-end tag with its AutoSensor, Double Waterproof System and decent (but not exceptional) 46-dB sound rating -- but will these make up for its rather-low 13-capacity place settings?

The Miele G 6985 SCVi

Miele G 6985 SCVi

Flaunting advanced door-opening and closing features (Knock2open and AutoClose), the Miele G 6985 SCVi panel-ready dishwasher also promises noiseless washing with its 38-dBa-rated Extra Quiet wash option.

The Miele G 4760 SCVI

Miele G 4760 SCVI

The Miele G 4760 SCVI dishwasher's panel-ready door is suited for a smooth-looking kitchen and it also packs more-advanced features, such as the AutoSensor and the Double Waterproof System, into its compact 18-inch design.

The Miele G 6565 SCVi

Miele G 6565 SCVi

The Miele G 6565 SCVi dishwasher's Intensive Lower Rack feature specifically heavy-washes tough-soiled dishes placed in the bottom rack and joins the group of silentwashers (those rated between 38- to 40-dBa) when you activate the ExtraQuiet 38dB cycle.

The Miele G 6365 SCVi

Miele G 6365 SCVi

While its 16 place settings and adaptable 3D cutlery tray look like a good combination for increased loading, the Miele G 6365 SCVi dishwasher also offers an ExtraQuiet wash and an AutoOpen mechanism.

The Miele G 4970 SCVi

Miele G 4970 SCVi

Setting aside the Miele G 4970 SCVi dishwasher's quite-lacking five wash settings, you may find some compensation in its high-end perks, such as the AutoSensor feature, the ComfortClose door, the original cutlery tray and a generous 16 place settings.

The Miele G 6165 SCVi

Miele G 6165 SCVi

Avg. rating:
(66%) (3 reviews)

As part of the Crystal Series, the Miele G 6165 SCVi dishwasher looks decently-equipped to smart-wash a full load of dishes and utensils with its AutoSensor feature, 3D cutlery tray and 16 place settings.

The Miele G4700SCI

Miele G4700SCI

Aside from its panel-ready design, the 46-dBA-rated Miele G4700SCI looks just like an average 18-inch dishwasher with its six wash programs and ten place settings.

The Miele PG 8080 i

Miele PG 8080 i

The Miele PG 8080 i dishwasher's ProSpeed cycle and AutoDoor feature seem to be agreeable high-end perks to have, especially with its Miele-estimated 12,000-cycle life expectancy -- but its low 13 place settings and quite-unimpressive 48-dBa noise rating look like specs fit for a mid-range dishwasher.

The Miele PG 8083 SCVI

Miele PG 8083 SCVI

As part of the Professional series, the Miele PG 8083 SCVI panel-ready dishwasher is claimed to last for roughly 12,000 cycles and is furnished with advanced features, such as its 24-minute ProSpeed wash, AutoOpen drying mechanism and 4-LED BrilliantLight interior illumination -- but we also cannot help but profess about its hefty price tag.
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Two Miele semi-integrated dishwashers

The Miele G 4925 U AM

Miele G 4925 U AM

Avg. rating:
(72%) (5 reviews)

Listing a below-average 41-dBA noise value, the Miele G 4925 U AM dishwasher seems to take an energy-saving stance with its hot water connection and Half Load option while carrying a couple of mid-tier specs, which include a half-hour speed-wash program and a soil sensor.

The Miele G6105USS

Miele G6105USS

As part of Miele's Crystal dishwasher series, the 45-dB-rated G6105USS does not look like it sparkles that much with its load sensor and quite-typical specs, such as its thirteen place settings and six preset programs.
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And two of their quiet dishwashers

The Miele G4228SCU

Miele G4228SCU

The Miele G4228SCU may not be as fancy as its higher-end siblings from the same brand, but it still ticks off the specs found in respectable dishwashers, like a 24-hour delay timer, a sensor-equipped wash program, and a quieter-than-usual noise rating of 46dBA.

The Miele G 4975 SCSF

Miele G 4975 SCSF

With its Double WaterProof System protecting against leaks and flooding, the Miele G 4975 SCSF dishwasher proceeds to smart-wash a full load of dishes with its AutoSensor cycle and 16-capacity place settings.
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Four versions

The Miele G4998SCVI

Miele G4998SCVI

We've heard of dishwashers that adjust the washing cycle based on the load size and soil level, but the 24-inch Miele G4998SCVI aims to take it a step farther with specs like its DetergentAgent feature, which adjusts the cycle based on the dishwasher components (like the rinsing agent, detergent, and salt) being used.

The Miele Classic Plus G4948UAM

Miele Classic Plus G4948UAM

In spite of having just 13 place settings (the average across all dishwashers is 14), the Miele Classic Plus G4948UAM parades a capacity-focused facade (put aside perhaps that function that adjusts the cycle to the rinse agent, salt and soap used) and boasts specs like MultiComfort and ComfortBasket, both of which ensure that "every piece of dishware has its place," according to Miele.

The Miele G6875SCVISF

Miele G6875SCVISF

The Miele G6875SCVISF dishwasher is ridden with specs that speak both high-end and economical, like a US$24 Energy Star annual cost, Wi-Fi connectivity that lets the user control the dishwasher from a mobile app, and a cost-optimizing FlexiTimer option that takes into account energy tariffs to determine the cheapest time to run a cycle.

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