Compare the Latest 8 Blomberg Dishwashers 2020

List of the latest Blomberg dishwashers in the order in which they were added to our database (To compare any of the 8 models, just click their Add to compare button):

The three latest Blomberg semi-integrated dishwashers (as of October, 2020)

The Blomberg DWT25502SS

Blomberg DWT25502SS

The Blomberg DW24100SS dishwasher is handed an entry-level specs sheet, which consists of 14 place settings, a 49-dBA sound value, and a 35-minute fast-wash program, but it, at least, gets to show off a Half Load option that can be used for dishes loaded on the upper or bottom rack.

The Blomberg DWT25300SS

Blomberg DWT25300SS

The Blomberg DWT25300SS dishwasher shows off somewhat-uncommonly-seen front-adjustable rear feet, but it still just lines up in the mid-tier lane, carrying fairly-ordinary features, such as 14 place settings, a removable third rack, and a Half Load option that can be used for dishware loaded in the top or bottom rack.

The Blomberg DW24100SS

Blomberg DW24100SS

Its smartFIT system is something we have not seen in most dishwashers, but the Blomberg DW24100SS dishwasher seems to stay within entry-level terrain with its 50-dBA sound rating, four wash programs, and 14-dish capacity
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Two recent quiet dishwasher models

The Blomberg DWT59500SS

Blomberg DWT59500SS

Its 42dBA maximum noise level deserves credit, but the Blomberg DWT59500SS has other specs that make it a competitive dishwasher, such as the MixWash+ and Power Wash programs that offer variable pressure zones, as well as a self-cleaning filter.

The Blomberg DWT58500SS

Blomberg DWT58500SS

Cleaning up its tub with the ProCare wash program, the 45-dBA-rated Blomberg DWT58500SS dishwasher brushes up a somewhat-mid-level picture, which consists of 14 place settings, a removable 3rd rack, and a Half Load cycle for dishes in the top or bottom rack.
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And other models...

The Blomberg DWS55100SS

Blomberg DWS55100SS

While it parades a Half Load cycle and a front-adjusting leveling system, the 49-dBA-rated Blomberg DWS55100SS dishwasher also jams to an ordinary-specked medley, which consist of eight place settings and a 35-minute fast-wash cycle.

The Blomberg DWT56502SS

Blomberg DWT56502SS

Showing its washing status via a beam-on-floor indicator, the Blomberg DWT56502SS dishwasher maintains a fairly-simple-specked keep with its 48-dBA noise value and 14 place settings while vowing to lessen water usage with its RapidClean cycle option.

The Blomberg DWT54100FBI

Blomberg DWT54100FBI

Its 50-dBA noise value and 14 place settings are not worth calling home about, and the Blomberg DWT54100FBI's four wash programs seem to label it as just a basic panel-ready dishwasher.

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