Compare the Latest 5 Amana Dishwashers 2020

List of the latest Amana dishwashers in the order in which they were added to our database (To compare any of the 5 models, just click their Add to compare button):

The two latest Amana semi-integrated dishwashers (as of September, 2020)

The Amana ADB1300AFS

Amana ADB1300AFS

Also offered in Black and White variants, the Amana ADB1300AFS stainless-steel dishwasher sings a basic-specked tune, belting out 12 place settings, a plastic tub, a three-stage removable filter, and a basic three wash programs.

The Amana ADB1100AWW

Amana ADB1100AWW

Avg. rating:
(88%) (232 reviews over 2 sources)

While its 12 place settings seems quite-unimpressive, the Amana ADB1100AWW dishwasher opts to display its Triple Filter wash system and quite-common 1-Hour quick-wash option as its main perks.
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Three recent dishwasher models

The Amana ADB1500ADS

Amana ADB1500ADS

Having a soil sensor might provide some cheer for this dishwasher, but the 55-dBA-rated Amana ADB1500ADS dishwasher seems to feel at home with mostly-basic specs, such as its 1-Hour Fast Wash option and 12 place settings.

The Amana ADB1700ADS

Amana ADB1700ADS

Avg. rating:
(92%) (64 reviews)

The Amana ADB1700ADS's average Energy Star score, soak-free Triple Filter Wash System and load-matching SoilSense option seem to give this dishwasher a mid-tier qualification -- but its 50-dB rating keeps it anchored in the entry-level range.

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