Samsung Bluetooth Headsets: Newest Models 2020

Here are the top 3 Samsung Bluetooth headsets followed by a list of their latest models:

Best Model 2020
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Based on its aggregated ranking of 84%, we determined that the Samsung U Flex is currently Alphachooser's best Samsung bluetooth headset 2020. We also believe that our 2155 reviews sampled from multiple sources give us a high confidence level (more on confidence levels) that allows us to call it a "no-brainer best choice."

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(2155 reviews)   
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Based on star rating of 4 averaged over 6635 reviews, here is what we consider second best Samsung bluetooth headset. * Btw, our choices are based on an in-depth computation of hundreds of reviews from around the web.

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The four latest Samsung NFC Bluetooth headsets (as of October, 2020)

The Samsung Level On Pro

Samsung Level On Pro

Avg. rating:
(74%) (335 reviews over 4 sources)

This stereo Bluetooth headset puts a 20-hour cordless music time (when Active Noise Cancelling is off, 10 hours with ANC) at the top of its list of features, which also includes ear-cup touch controls, 40mm dual-layered drivers, and Ultra-High-Quality (UHQ) audio.

The Samsung MN910

Samsung MN910

Avg. rating:
(65%) (89 reviews over 4 sources)

One of many models to offer easy pairing (NFC), this mono Bluetooth headset (v3.0) also adds an 8-hour talk time and, using two microphones, noise reduction and echo cancellation.

The Samsung Level Over

Samsung Level Over

Avg. rating:
(86%) (373 reviews over 5 sources)

The Samsung HM3300

Samsung HM3300

Avg. rating:
(75%) (400 reviews over 2 sources)

High-end Bluetooth headset with voice prompts, ultra-light design and easy and contactless pairing.
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Two recent light bluetooth headset models

The Samsung HM1900

Samsung HM1900

Avg. rating:
(80%) (939 reviews over 2 sources)

Simple-pairing Bluetooth headset available in Khaki and Magenta and with English and Spanish voice prompts.

The Samsung HM6000

Samsung HM6000

Avg. rating:
(75%) (254 reviews over 2 sources)

Simple-to-use Bluetooth headset that understands basic voice commands and offers guidance voice prompts.
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Four Samsung around-the-neck bluetooth headsets

The Samsung U Flex

Samsung U Flex

Avg. rating:
(84%) (2155 reviews over 2 sources)

The Samsung Level U Pro

Samsung Level U Pro

Avg. rating:
(75%) (2529 reviews over 2 sources)

The Pro version of the original Level U, Samsung equipped this Bluetooth headset with upgrades such as two-way speaker units and UHQA in addition to its other features like aptX, noise-isolating earbuds, urethane joints, 300 hours of stand-by, a 9-hour playback time, Sound Share, and SoundAlive through the Samsung Level app.

The Samsung Level U Wireless

Samsung Level U Wireless

Avg. rating:
(78%) (6635 reviews over 5 sources)

Just like some other models, this stereo Bluetooth headset features magnet-tipped earbuds and offers up to 11 hours of talk time per charge.

The Samsung Gear Circle

Samsung Gear Circle

Avg. rating:
(83%) (2500 reviews over 4 sources)

This Bluetooth headset adds magnet-tipped ends to its set of features, which include a customizable sound output (SoundAlive Equalizer) and p2i sweat-proof nano-coating.
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And five of their

The Samsung HM1300

Samsung HM1300

Avg. rating:
(73%) (3074 reviews over 2 sources)

Bluetooth headset that offers up to 8 hours of talk time and features a Simple Pairing technology.

The Samsung HM1100

Samsung HM1100

Avg. rating:
(70%) (268 reviews over 2 sources)

Simple Bluetooth headset with a talk time of up to 14 hours and a Y-cable to charge two devices parallelly.

The Samsung HM7000

Samsung HM7000

Avg. rating:
(72%) (1367 reviews over 3 sources)

In-ear Bluetooth headset with Multipoint connectivity and a pre-installed Android app.

The Samsung HM1200

Samsung HM1200

Avg. rating:
(77%) (1155 reviews over 3 sources)

Multipoint Bluetooth headset with an LED battery status indicator and an active pairing feature.

The Samsung HM1000

Samsung HM1000

Avg. rating:
(72%) (100 reviews over 2 sources)

Noise reducing Bluetooth headset featuring automatic volume control.

Four noise-cancelling versions

The Samsung Modus HM6450

Samsung Modus HM6450

Avg. rating:
(72%) (231 reviews over 3 sources)

A mono-style headset with a connectible stereo headset.

The Samsung HM1700

Samsung HM1700

Avg. rating:
(81%) (1045 reviews over 2 sources)

A bluetooth headset with a noise and echo cancellation technology and 5 colors (black, gray, blue, magenta, purple) to choose from.

The Samsung HM1610

Samsung HM1610

Avg. rating:
(64%) (44 reviews)

An affordable Bluetooth headset with wind noise reduction.

The Samsung HM3600

Samsung HM3600

Avg. rating:
(73%) (65 reviews over 3 sources)

An affordable Bluetooth headset with dual-mic noise and echo cancellation.
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And other models...

The Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung Gear IconX

As Samsung's premiere fitness cord-free Bluetooth headset (as of September 2016), the Gear IconX packs quite a punch with its built-in 4GB music player, dedicated sensors for tracking fitness data (such as heart rate, speed, and calorie burn), and touch-based controls (all running on low-energy Bluetooth 4.1).

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