Motorola Bluetooth Headsets: Latest Models 2019

Here are the top 3 Motorola Bluetooth headsets followed by a list of their latest models:

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Given its compound rank of 74%, we determined that the Motorola Pulse Escape is currently Alphachooser's best Motorola bluetooth headset 2019. We also believe that our 50 reviews sampled from our sources give us a high confidence level (more on confidence levels) that justifies to call it a "no-brainer best choice."

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(50 reviews)   
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Bluetooth Version

With its star rating of 3.5 averaged from 1782 reviews, we rank this Motorola model second best Motorola bluetooth headset. * By the way, our list is based on an in-depth analysis of hundreds of reviews from multiple sources.

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(1782 reviews)   
Also Good

The two latest Motorola sweat-proof bluetooth headsets for sports (as of September, 2019)

The Motorola Verve Rider Plus

Motorola Verve Rider Plus

Avg. rating:
(52%) (185 reviews over 2 sources)

IP57 water- & sweat-proof sports Bluetooth headset with Hubble Connect to locate it if lost, and battery specs that include 30 days of stand-by time and 12 hours of music playback

The Motorola VerveOnes+

Motorola VerveOnes+

Avg. rating:
(44%) (151 reviews over 5 sources)

The IP57-rated VerveOnes+ is a truly wireless and fully waterproof Bluetooth headset that can perform the usual call and music playback functions in addition to features such as audio pass-through, six different audio profiles, and earbud location -- although connection to the Hubble Connect app is needed for these extra functions.
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Three Motorola 16-to-18-bottle wine coolers

The Motorola HK210

Motorola HK210

Bluetooth headset with 5mph wind resistance

The Motorola Oasis

Motorola Oasis

Lightweight and stylish headset with a wind resistance of up to 12mph.
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And six of their light headsets

The Motorola Boom 2

Motorola Boom 2

Avg. rating:
(68%) (588 reviews over 5 sources)

This NFC Bluetooth headset boasts an approximate six hours of talk time, various wearing styles (in-ear gel, over-ear hook, or a combination), and a feature that lets you flip the boom to answer a call.

The Motorola Boom

Motorola Boom

Avg. rating:
(71%) (671 reviews over 4 sources)

The Motorola Boom, a 39.54mm-long (49.72mm when boom mic is flipped open) Bluetooth headset, offers a specs list that includes up to six hours of talk time, a 300-foot Bluetooth range, and an auto-off/on feature, which automatically turns off the phone when its boom mic is flipped and shuts it off when folded back in.

The Motorola H19txt

Motorola H19txt

Bluetooth headset that lets you take or finish calls by flipping the microphone extension.

The Motorola HK250

Motorola HK250

Wireless device with an extended range of up to 300 feet. It is said to provide added comfort during long calls.

The Motorola Elite Sliver

Motorola Elite Sliver

The Elite Sliver sports Bluetooth 3.0 with extended range (300 feet), a rotate-and-go power switch and a charger carrying case.

The Motorola HX550

Motorola HX550

Headset that can be worn three different ways and claims to have amazing audio quality.
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Two NFC versions

The Motorola Boom 2+

Motorola Boom 2+

Avg. rating:
(66%) (370 reviews)

Having an additional two hours of talk time compared to its predecessor, the Boom 2 Plus Bluetooth headset boasts specs including a mid-range talk time of nine hours, an almost average stand-by time of 240 minutes, a battery charge of 15 minutes yielding up to 2.5 hours of call and has IP54 coating, which protects it from light rain, dust, or sweat.

The Motorola ELITE FLIP


High-definition audio headset with voice-commanded texting and multipoint connection.
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Five around-the-neck models

The Motorola VerveLoop+

Motorola VerveLoop+

Avg. rating:
(70%) (280 reviews over 3 sources)

An around-the-neck Bluetooth headset sporting AptX technology for HD audio, Hubble Connect for those who lose track of things, and specs such as a rugged rating of IP57 (sweat- and waterproof), a range of 150 ft, and 15 hours of talk time.

The Motorola Moto Surround

Motorola Moto Surround

Avg. rating:
(65%) (190 reviews over 3 sources)

Mixing a range of 150 feet and specs such as 30 days of standby time and 15 hours of talk time, this around-the-neck Bluetooth headset is coated with an HZO thin film to resist sweat and waterwhile providing HD quality audio through the AptX technology.

The Motorola Buds

Motorola Buds

Avg. rating:
(72%) (1782 reviews over 4 sources)

A simple around-the-neck Bluetooth headset with a music equalizer, operating with Bluetooth 3.0 specs and lithium ion batteries and offering a range of 150 feet, a standby time of 17 days and 10 hours of talk time.

The Motorola S11-FLEX HD

Motorola S11-FLEX HD

A custom fit wireless stereo headset that is also designed to be sweat proof.

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Noise-cancelling models

The Motorola Pulse Escape

Motorola Pulse Escape

Avg. rating:
(74%) (50 reviews over 3 sources)

The Motorola Hint

Motorola Hint

Avg. rating:
(57%) (225 reviews over 4 sources)

A mono headset with a charging case, which makes a big difference by changing a 3.3-hour talk time to 17 hours with the case.

The Motorola Sliver 2

Motorola Sliver 2

Avg. rating:
(68%) (361 reviews over 2 sources)

This small and lightweight (38mm thickness -- one of the smallest -- and 14 grams of weight) mono headset can connect within 300 ft (Class 1 range), has advanced multipoint to handle two devices at the same time, and can add nine more hours to its battery life via a charging case.

The Motorola Whisper

Motorola Whisper

Avg. rating:
(73%) (107 reviews over 2 sources)

In-ear Bluetooth headset built with a movable, noise-reducing, echo-cancelling boom mic that has a long battery life.

The Motorola Finiti

Motorola Finiti

Bluetooth headset with wind noise cancellation technology (up to 40mph).

The Motorola CommandOne

Motorola CommandOne

A headset that focuses on speech-recognition handling of text messages and calls.

The Motorola H730

Motorola H730

Bluetooth headset that lets you answer calls with a simple flip.

The Motorola H270

Motorola H270

Basic Bluetooth headset with simple controls.
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And other models...

The Motorola VerveOnes

Motorola VerveOnes

Aside from having specs like 12 hours of playback time, a range of 33 feet, and six equalizer presets, this cord-free Bluetooth headset is notable for its feature to be located when misplaced through Hubble Connect.

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