Bluetooth Headset Models from Jabra 2020 (and 2019)

Here are the top 3 Jabra Bluetooth headsets followed by a list of their latest models:

Best Model 2020
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Because of this bluetooth headset's overall ranking of 84%, we are confident that the Jabra Sport Pace is currently Alphachooser's best Jabra bluetooth headset 2020. Furthermore, we think that our 1556 reviews sampled from our sources give us a high confidence level (more on confidence levels) that justifies making it a "no-brainer best choice."

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Because of star rating of 4 derived from 500 reviews, here is what we consider second best Jabra bluetooth headset. * This list, by the way, is based on an in-depth aggregation of hundreds of reviews from around the web.

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The three latest Jabra sweat-proof bluetooth headsets for sports (as of January, 2020)

The Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra Elite Sport

Avg. rating:
(69%) (425 reviews over 4 sources)

The noise-cancelling Elite Sport is Jabra's answer to the growing cord-free Bluetooth headset trend and, while its 3-hour talk time (per charge) isn't exactly the best, it also has unique specs like an IP67 waterproof rating, a HearThrough mode, and personalized fitness monitoring (although some flagship models from other brands come equipped with this, too).

The Jabra Sport Pace

Jabra Sport Pace

Avg. rating:
(84%) (1556 reviews over 6 sources)

One of the smallest (28.6 x 33.4 x 14.7 mm) in the Bluetooth headset category, the Jabra Sport Pace also offers only five hours of wireless playback and an IP54 military rating for sweat-, shock-, and weather-resistance.

The Jabra Sport Coach

Jabra Sport Coach

Avg. rating:
(57%) (216 reviews over 5 sources)

This IP55 certified headset caters to the fitness crowd with Trackfit, connects easily with NFC, and offers up to 330 minutes of music playback.
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Five recent 16-to-18-bottle bluetooth headset models

The Jabra Halo Free

Jabra Halo Free

Avg. rating:
(61%) (89 reviews over 4 sources)

This lightweight Bluetooth headset (It weighs 17 grams, while the average hovers at around 32 grams as of this writing), which has an IP54 rating against water and dust, offers a contradicting set of battery specs -- for its 14-day stand-by is promising on one hand, yet its 5-hour talk time is way below-par.

The Jabra Move Wireless

Jabra Move Wireless

Avg. rating:
(79%) (2603 reviews over 6 sources)

This Bluetooth 4.0 headset offers up to eight hours of talk time, an optional 3.5mm audio cable and a Scandinavian design described as durable and flexible.

The Jabra WAVE

Jabra WAVE

Avg. rating:
(77%) (501 reviews over 4 sources)

Wind and background noise-resistant over-the-ear Bluetooth headset.

The Jabra BT4010

Jabra BT4010

Avg. rating:
(69%) (9 reviews over 2 sources)

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10 Jabra light headsets

The Jabra Mono Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Mono Bluetooth Headset

Avg. rating:
(71%) (189 reviews over 3 sources)

Offering specs including a slightly above average talk time of ten hours and a satisfactory stand-by time of 10 days on a two-hour charge, this classic mono Bluetooth headset with NFC features an auto-pairing at first time start-up within the range of 33 feet.

The Jabra Talk 2

Jabra Talk 2

Avg. rating:
(80%) (355 reviews over 4 sources)

While this mono Bluetooth headset offers a slightly-below average 9-day stand-by and misses out on volume control buttons, it at least attempts to make up for its shortcomings by offering specs like a promising 9-hour talk time and an equally-encouraging 98-foot operational range.

The Jabra Eclipse

Jabra Eclipse

Avg. rating:
(55%) (231 reviews over 5 sources)

The Jabra Eclipse is narrow (24.82mm) and lightweight (5.5 grams) but offers a rather low 72 hours of standby -- and it supports NFC pairing.

The Jabra Storm

Jabra Storm

Avg. rating:
(56%) (967 reviews over 5 sources)

The Jabra Stealth

Jabra Stealth

Avg. rating:
(75%) (917 reviews over 5 sources)

Despite a small frame and weight (0.28 oz.), this NFC-enabled mono headset has a talk time of six hours (just below the average) and a decent 10-day standby time.

The Jabra Mini

Jabra Mini

Avg. rating:
(79%) (500 reviews over 6 sources)

Petite Bluetooth 4.0 headset (0.85 x 0.58 x 0.39 in.) with an auto-hibernation feature (Power Nap), a 9-hour talk time, and a range of 98 feet.

The Jabra Style

Jabra Style

Avg. rating:
(74%) (788 reviews over 6 sources)

The Jabra Talk

Jabra Talk

Avg. rating:
(75%) (1120 reviews over 6 sources)

Bluetooth headset with HD voice technology and the capacity to stream music, podcasts, etc.

The Jabra EASYGO


Avg. rating:
(76%) (448 reviews over 5 sources)

Simple lightweight bluetooth headset.

The Jabra BT2050

Jabra BT2050

Avg. rating:
(62%) (22 reviews over 2 sources)

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And six of their NFC Bluetooth headsets

The Jabra Steel

Jabra Steel

Avg. rating:
(76%) (1101 reviews over 4 sources)

This mono Bluetooth headset is noted for its durability, offering water- and dust-resistance (IP54-certified), five years of warranty, and a 6-hour talk time.

The Jabra Sport Pulse

Jabra Sport Pulse

Avg. rating:
(55%) (677 reviews over 3 sources)

The Jabra Rox

Jabra Rox

Avg. rating:
(58%) (541 reviews over 3 sources)

The Jabra Stone 3

Jabra Stone 3

Avg. rating:
(59%) (239 reviews over 4 sources)

Noise-cancelling, lightweight Bluetooth headset with long talk-time hours, multiple-pairing functionality, remote charging.

The Jabra Motion

Jabra Motion

Avg. rating:
(67%) (493 reviews over 4 sources)

Bluetooth 4.0 mono headset featuring an MFI chipset for Apple compatibility, NFC (easy connection by touching), Multipoint (up to eight devices), and seven hours of talk time.

The Jabra Supreme Driver Edition

Jabra Supreme Driver Edition

Avg. rating:
(78%) (530 reviews over 2 sources)

Jabra's driver-friendly Bluetooth headset, featuring a folding boom microphone as its power switch and designed to attach to an optional headband, promoting voice controls, touch-pairing through NFC with Bluetooth 3.0, and giving users a close-to-average 15-day standby time.
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Four around-the-neck versions

The Jabra Halo Smart

Jabra Halo Smart

Avg. rating:
(59%) (697 reviews over 5 sources)

The IP54-certified Halo Smart Bluetooth headset sports a relatively-lengthy talk time of 17 hours and an accompanying app called Jabra Assist, which provides additional features such as Find my Jabra, battery meter, and message read-out (the last two being available only to Android users).

The Jabra Halo Fusion

Jabra Halo Fusion

Avg. rating:
(55%) (41 reviews over 2 sources)

With a self-proclaimed comfortable around-the-neck wearing style, this Bluetooth headset also comes with a longer-than-average 19-day standby time, which stands out most among its other specs.

The Jabra Step Wireless

Jabra Step Wireless

Avg. rating:
(56%) (295 reviews over 7 sources)

An in-ear, on-the-go headset lighter than many in its category with its weight of 0.58 ounces, also with water and dust resistance (IP52 certified).

The Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport

Avg. rating:
(56%) (1349 reviews over 3 sources)

A rugged stereo headset with an FM radio and workout feedback applications.
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Two stereo models

The Jabra Halo 2

Jabra Halo 2

Avg. rating:
(62%) (101 reviews over 4 sources)

A stereo bluetooth headset equipped with virtual surround sound, power bass, and an additional music cable for corded use.

The Jabra HALO

Jabra HALO

Avg. rating:
(63%) (62 reviews over 2 sources)

Music-centric stereo Bluetooth headset that goes on when unfolded and off when folded and features a wired option for improved music playback.
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Some noise-cancelling units

The Jabra Extreme 2

Jabra Extreme 2

Avg. rating:
(63%) (72 reviews over 4 sources)

A light HD Voice headset with Noise Blackout 3.0 noise reduction and two Ultimate-comfort eargels.

The Jabra Easycall

Jabra Easycall

Avg. rating:
(60%) (24 reviews over 2 sources)

A simple headset with DSP noise reduction and Jabra'sUltimate Comfort eargels.

The Jabra Supreme

Jabra Supreme

Avg. rating:
(78%) (543 reviews over 3 sources)

Advanced Bluetooth mono headset with the Active Noise Cancellation technology.

The Jabra STONE 2

Jabra STONE 2

Avg. rating:
(62%) (232 reviews)

Stylish voice-operated Bluetooth headset
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