Compare the Latest 10 SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headsets 2020

List of the latest SoundPEATS Bluetooth headsets in the order in which they were added to our database (To compare any of the 10 models, just click their Add to compare button):

The two latest SoundPEATS around-the-neck bluetooth headsets (as of August, 2020)

The SoundPEATS Q800

SoundPEATS Q800

Avg. rating:
(79%) (280 reviews over 2 sources)

An around-the-neck Bluetooth headset with an IPX4-rated sweat-resistance, drawing attention with a vibration alert function, storing its earbuds with its EZ-lock magnetic system, and sporting a close-to-average 10-hour music/talk time.

The SoundPEATS QY7


Avg. rating:
(60%) (2 reviews)

Nano-coated like most sweat-resistant Bluetooth headsets (this model uses Liquipel) for an IPX4-rated protection, using CVC 6.0 technology handles noise cancellation, and riding an 80mAh battery gives it a 6-hour talk time.
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Six recent stereo bluetooth headset models

The SoundPEATS Q35

SoundPEATS Q35

Avg. rating:
(78%) (393 reviews)

The SoundPEATS Q16

SoundPEATS Q16

The Q16 is SoundPEATS' version of a noise-cancelling cord-free Bluetooth headset and, while it doesn't come with a wireless charging case like what you would expect from such a device, its battery specs, at 190mAh of power and six hours of usage time, are better than the competition

The SoundPEATS Q12

SoundPEATS Q12

Avg. rating:
(79%) (4100 reviews over 3 sources)

The Q12 doesn't offer as much in terms of battery specs as most other Bluetooth headsets (its 6-hour working time is 25% shorter than the early-2017 average), but it does come with CVC 6.0 noise isolation, an aptX audio codec, and Liquipel nano coating technology which makes it sweatproof.

The SoundPEATS Q9A


With both its 25-foot range and 6-hour working time coming up short compared to the competition, this Bluetooth headset sells itself by banking mostly on its being IPX4-rated (which is also quite common among the better headsets) and designed for a secure fit.

The SoundPEATS Q29

SoundPEATS Q29

Avg. rating:
(61%) (841 reviews over 3 sources)

A lightweight cord-free Bluetooth headset that works both in mono and stereo mode while providing a truly-wireless audio experience for 2.5 hours of playback/talk time and three recharges from its carrying case, according to its listed specs.

The SoundPEATS Q900

SoundPEATS Q900

Avg. rating:
(74%) (2463 reviews over 2 sources)

The SoundPEATS Q1000 poses as a gym-friendly Bluetooth headset by boasting specs and features like an IPX4 rating against sweat, CVC 6.0 noise reduction, and an above-average usage time of 10 hours.
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And other models...

The SoundPEATS Q1000

SoundPEATS Q1000

The SoundPEATS Q1000 cancels noise through 6th-generation CVC technology, has promising battery specs as seen on its 9-hour working time, and boasts an IPX4 rating against sweat and moisture, but its 200-hour stand-by time is below the average across all Bluetooth headsets.

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