Complete Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Tablet Specs

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Release year2017
Release month01

General Specs
Special features
  • A4 or letter paper size for the large tablet
  • A5 or half-letter paper size for medium tablet
  • 200 pages (with unlimited layers) storage capacity
  • Windows 7 or later (64bit) and/or Mac OS 10.10 or later system requirement
Display features
  • 224mm x 148 mm active area for the medium tablet
  • 311 mm x 216 mm active area for the large tablet
  • Express View display
  • Patented electromagnetic resonance method
  • Display toggle
  • Dedicated pan, scroll, zoom, and brush size panel
  • Precision mode
Dots per inch? dots per inch (Wacom mentions 5080lpi)
Physical Features
Available colorsBlack
Special Included AccessoriesFinetip Pen (for paper sketching), 10 Pro Pen 2 nibs (6 standard and 4 felt nibs), 3 Finetip refills, Desktop pen stand, Wacom Pro Pen 2, Paper clip, 10 single paper sheets, Soft case, 4 extra pen color rings, Texture sheet sample card
FinishAnodized aluminum, Fiberglass composite resin
Weight (grams)700 grams (medium), 1300 (large)
Width (inches)8.6
Height (inches)13.3
Depth (inches)0.3
Width (mm)219 (medium), 287 (large)
Height (mm)338 (medium), 430 (large)
Depth (mm)8
Bluetooth connection protocolsClassic (for PC and Mac connections), BLE (for mobile connections)
Other Specs & Features
Model VariantsPTH-660P (medium), PTH-860P (large)
PC data synchronizationInkspace (USB)
CertificationsFC, CEC (California Energy Commision), RBRC, Mercury Labeling Requirements, IC, Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation (Canada), Commission de Regulacion de Telecomunicaciones (Colombia), SUTEL (Costa Rica), Autoridad Nacional de los Servicios P├║blicos (Panama), URSEC (Uruguay), SIT (Guatemala), Telcor (Nicaragua), Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecomunicaciones (El Salvador), SITTEL (Bolivia), TATT (Trinidad and Tobago), CE, RoHS (EU/EEA/SW/Turkey), Ministry of Communications (Kuwait), VCCI, Radio Act (Japan), SRRC (CMIIT), China RoHS, GB (China), RCM, IDA (Australia/New Zealand), IDA (Singapore)
Special keys
  • Two side switches on the pen
  • ExpressKeys (eight application-customizable keys)
  • Radial menu
  • Touch Ring (Four customizable keys and a home button)
UPC code4949268620031
Warranty2 years


This model (AKA Wacom Intuos Paper) puts the spotlight on its ability to let the user draw on paper, making it a promising prospect for graphic artists who still prefer the feel of standard paper, and it registers heavy at a maximum weight of 1.3 kilograms, which may at least be alleviated by going for a lighter, 700-gram medium tablet option. Finally, it boasts multiple efficiency-oriented features, like customizable ExpressKeys, a radial menu, and a dedicated panel for adjusting brush size, panning, and zooming on the display.

Also known as: Wacom Intuos Paper.

General Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Information

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